sponsored Purina launches new commitments to pets, people and the planet

Known for delivering consistently high-quality pet nutrition for more than 125 years, Europe’s leading pet care company, Purina, is also passionate about creating richer lives for pets and the people who love them. This passion has led to the launch of six new Purina Commitments, which address key social impact areas. The new commitments demonstrate … Read more

Life As A Self Student In Nigeria

Ever wondered what life as a student is like across the globe? We caught up with Nigerian-based veterinary student Valentine Okeke to learn a little about his medical life in Africa. Let’s dive in. 1. What or who inspired you to get into veterinary medicine? Actually, no one inspired me to get into veterinary medicine … Read more

sponsored Unlocking neglected skillsets to create a thriving practice team

Vets have an incredibly diverse set of skills – traditionally, even just to get into vet school, you somehow had to be an overachieving academic, leading your hockey team to victory while volunteering at the local kennel, and simultaneously being an accomplished flautist. Sometimes, it can feel like once you have arrived at graduation, you … Read more

BVNA and Vetlife partner up to aid welfare of VN profession

The BVNA has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Vetlife, after it was announced as president Charlotte Pace’s charity of choice for her presidential year at the BVNA Congress. The MoU lays out how the two organizations will work together to achieve the shared objective of supporting mental health and well-being in the veterinary … Read more

Lost and found: twitchers delight at sweet song of the black-browed babbler | Birds

For more than 170 years, and despite its name, scientists and birdwatchers heard no babbling, chirping, tweeting or any other sounds from the black-browed babbler. The bird was long assumed to be extinct, until an accidental discovery by two local men, Muhammad Suranto and Muhammad Rizky Fauzan, in the forests of Borneo’s South Kalimantan province. … Read more

What does a dog REALLY want for Christmas?

It’s somehow that time of year again. We’ve all known for a while now that Christmas is looming; with the gradual introduction of more and more Christmas paraphernalia in stores, taking over the black and orange Halloween decor with a discombobulating slam. Baubles, tinsel, garlands, stockings, biscuits, chocolates, Christmas trees, mini-Santas, large Santas, dog reindeer suits, squeaky penguins with Santa hats and more, more, so much more… Whether you are a complete Christmas fanatic, or you side with the grinch on the subject, if you’re here having clicked on this article, you may be wondering: what does my dog ​​want?

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Climate change affecting animal body size, says study

New evidence shows some mammals get bigger in warmer settings, upsetting established norms and suggesting climate change may impact on animal body size. In a study published in Scientific Reportsrecent changes noted in treeshrew body size supersede two of the most studied ecogeographical rules on body size variation in species. A rule named after the … Read more

New study to assess the environmental risk from ectoparasite treatments – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

CVS is to fund a study at the University of Bristol to assess the environmental risk from ectoparasite treatments in companion animals. Concern has been expressed in the profession about environmental contamination from products used in companion animal treatment for ectoparasites, such as fleas and ticks. In recent years there has been a widely documented … Read more

Vet insurance fraud has DC sanction postponed – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Dr Donal Johnston MRCVS, a former County Down-based veterinary surgeon who made fraudulent pet insurance claims to end a gambling addiction has had his RCVS Disciplinary Committee sanction hearing postponed after he agreed to enter into undertakings. At a hearing in April Dr Johnston had admitted all the charges against him, which related fraudulent claims … Read more