31 Unique Beagle Names [with PICS!]

Are you bringing up a new one? Beagle and looking for a unique, original or funny Beagle my name? Whether you’re bringing home a new one Beagle puppy, or an older rescue dog, we’ve got some great name ideas shared by our I Love My Beagle Facebook community.

We asked our community the following question: Does yours Beagle have a unique name? Share it below along with a pic! Below we’ve compiled some of the most unique name ideas for your new Beagle.

31 Original Beagle Puppy Name Ideas

Bailey Nicole…aka Baglezilla, Bagleshark, and Bagleator…

Author: Brent H.

My Girl: Gaia Cordovanja Eslam Galotta is her Name. I call her Muff

Author: Birgit G.

This is my late beagle. Her AKC name was Forever Prancing Patches but we called her patchiedog or nosey rosey

Author: Kristie G.

CJ, the Regal Beagle

Author: Amy Flick B.

Author: Janine Wolf S.

Clementine Rest In Peace sweet girl

Author: Joseph J.

Weasel aka BooMan Reason Of Insanity

Author: Tara C.

Squirrel – The Beagle Driving The Pink Jeep

Author: Tara C.


Author: Renae Kolb P.

Jaynah just had her 16th birthday

Author: Niki T.

Beezie Beagle

Author: Leslie M.

On the left is Martie McFly (full beagle) and on the right Darcy (half beagle half border collie)

Author: Jennifer L.

Fred and Wilma (Brother and Sister), same litter.

Author: Jimmy W.


Author: Dave M.

Sookie we brought her home at 5 weeks old and she just turned 13 in July and hardly slowed down, just snores louder! Aka…Sook-Sookie Sue-Stinky One-Beag-Bad Beag- Sister Dog

Author: LaRhea D.


Author: Cindy P.

Keena Cupcake

Author: Whitney Renae Y.

Right next to me is Frank Cujo and the girl in the back is Jasmine Dawn. Brother and sister from the same litter

Author: Shari K.


Author: Sheila J.

Ms. Jackie

Author: Carol B.

This is our boy Boomer

Author: Elizabeth Le P.

TJ ….beautiful monster! My chocolat…lupin….

Author: Carla C.

Wally Bubs.

Author: Rachel F.

Kleofáš – nickname Kleo

Author: Barbora Sandorova R.


Author: Charles B.

Gabby the barker

Author: Cindy Gray S.

Buzzelwitz Wigglebutt!

Author: Jane G.

Mickey Seven (If you are a Yankees fan you will get it!)

Author: Mary Celine H.

Camber Chassis.

Author: Jessie Click E.


Author: Jane B.


Author: Vena S.

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