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With so many dogs needing new homes, rescuing a dog is the perfect solution. Virtually all rehoming centers want to ensure they are providing long lasting, loving homes for their pets. They want to ensure safety and suitability for both pet and owner. Because of this, there are set requirements that must be met in order to allow you to be accepted for adopting a pet dog. Below, we will discuss our top tips and adaptations you can make to increase your likelihood of being accepted for a dog.

We know it is frustrating – the lists of requirements are long and don’t always seem logical. But the reasoning is sound. Most rehoming centers want to do everything possible to avoid having to re-home any of their dogs. And many of them have many years of experience. They know that, statistically, people who want X are unlikely to be able to give a good home; while people who do Y are a much better bet. It’s not necessarily fair on you, but that’s not the aim. The aim is to be fair on the dogs under their care.

So here are our Top Tips to make yourself as attractive a candidate as possible!

Increase your knowledge about canine behavior and care

Being aware of the requirements of a dog is essential. There is lots of information online and speaking to other pet owners may be extremely beneficial to you. Most rescue dogs need rehoming through no fault of their own. But others may need training, retraining, or may need bad habits adjusting. Every dog, even a minimum, needs food, water, shelter, the freedom to act normally and the freedom from pain or discomfort. The ability to ‘act normally’ will vary from dog to dog but does entail socializing with other animals as they would desire, moving their body how they would like without being restricted with space.

Ensure you have enough time

Think about your working hours. Puppies should be left no longer than 4 hours maximum alone, and this amount of time should be an amount which your puppy gradually works up to. Adult dogs may be left for up to 6 hours. If your working hours are not flexible, adopting a dog that is already older and fully trained may work better for you. You may be able to adapt your job or discuss with your boss about having shorter breaks within the day to allow an earlier home time, or doing more work from home if possible.

You will also need enough time and energy to exercise your dog appropriately. Different dog breeds will need and want different amounts of exercise – this could vary in length, intensity, and variety. If you think you may struggle to exercise frequently, choosing a dog breed that needs less exercise will make you a more suitable owner. The rescue center will be able to advise on which dogs would suit your needs best.

Make your household environment suitable

Some pet dogs may specifically not be good around children so if you have children in the household, choosing a pet who is safe and trustworthy around them is advisable. Even then, we would still strongly recommend you supervise your child whenever they are with the dog. Look at different rescue centers’ terms and conditions, as some rescue centers may not allow you to rehome a dog if you have children under a certain age. You must be honest with your application. Some dogs may have specific requirements regarding companions, for example, with or without other dogs, with or without cats. These requirements could be essential for the animal to have a good quality of life.

Visit the rescue center

Visiting a rescue center in person is the best way for you to learn the most about the dogs and also, the best way for the rescue center to learn the most about you! This allows for suitable pairings to be made meaning your bond is more likely to last. By learning what the rescue centers expect from owners and households, you will be able to learn whether you are the right person to be taking on a new pet. You will also get the opportunity to learn about the rescue center’s individual requirements.

Donations are always extremely appreciated by rescue centers

If you are able to offer a donation, the rescue center will be able to end up saving the lives of many other animals. These funds go towards bedding, food, water dishes, leads, collars and veterinary bills among other things!

Remember, rehoming centers will want their dogs to find homes, but they want these homes to be well suited

You must be able to provide sufficient housing and a good quality of life for a dog. If you do get rejected, ask for feedback and see if the rehoming center is able to provide feedback regarding why they don’t think you are suitable and see if there is a different dog breed or lifestyle change that can be made in order to allow you to adopt your new furry friend!

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