Ahoy Matey! This Adorable Kitten With A “Pirate Sneer” Will Plunder Your Heart

Pirates are all about their riches, but for one swashbuckling kitty, treasure means finding love and security. And that’s just what pirate cat Uno found at the Playschool for Wayward Kittens, a foster home for adorable kittens needing a comfy spot to get ready for forever.

Before Uno made his way to the Playschool, Uno had to show everyone at City Dogs and City Kitties Rescue in Washington DC that he was the captain in charge of this ship by issuing hissed demands and even biting one crewmate for sassing his orders! Of course, his anger could have been brought on by the pain of a ruptured eyeball. That’s enough to put any pirate in a saucy mood. But soon, he’d forget his salty ways, thanks to his new friends in foster care.


The “Petit Pirate”

When City Dogs and City Kitties Rescue caught wind of the little pirate kitten with a busted eye, Jen, foster mom and headmistress at the Playschool for Wayward Kittens, set sail to pick up Uno right away. She discovered the poor little tab was only six weeks old and in pain with the rupture of his eye. Plus, Uno only weighed a pound and a half, which meant food had been in short supply. Is it any wonder the “petit pirate” was so crabby?

Together, Jen and Uno cruised to the emergency room, and while there, Jen shared, “He got the eye removed and stole the hearts of everyone he met.”


After his rough journeys to the safety of his foster home, Uno first proved weary of other cats. But Jen felt that he’d come around quickly once he had some time to heal and could ditch the cone. The tough tabby kitten soon proved Jen right. Before long, he became part of the “roving band of pirates” at the Playschool, finding a special connection with Senior Faculty Member Hagrid.


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The little pirate proved himself to be a treasure, with Jen describing him as “energetic, playful, goofy, and absolutely adorable.” But just as everything settled into smooth sailing, Uno’s eye incision began to leak. He was prescribed antibiotics with the hope that another surgery would not be needed.


Second Surgery Creates A Pirate Sneer

As they waited to see if meds helped Uno, Jen shared, “We’re working on teaching him landlubber ways, curbing his penchant for swearing, and trying to convince him to keep his boots off the table while he eats and swigs large mugs of ale.”

Unfortunately, the antibiotics did not relieve the leakage, and Uno needed a second surgery to remove the glandular tissue causing the site to remain inflamed. To ensure Uno’s pirate patch would heal properly, the surgeon had to get in deep, “so in closing him back up, he had to pull skin from a bit further away- which has led to Uno’s new sneer.”

The skin will relax as Uno heals, but, for now, he’s got the purrfect pirate sneer!


A Sweet Pirate Baby

And though Jen explained he’s a pirate a bit too young for rum, Uno has already begun learning “sea shanties and pirate songs.” One of his favorites is based on Bubbles’ “The Kittyman,” but Uno and Jen have crafted their own lyrics to the awesomely awesome kitty cat pirate song. And both are always ready to belt their tune out loud, “Soon may the kitty cat come, to bring us cuteness and tummy tum tum.”


“Am I taking the pirate thing too far? Yes. Will I regret it? No. #piratejokes4Eva”


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But how can Jen resist the pirate fun when Uno and his swashbuckling silliness have plundered her heart?

“Uno has been with us almost five months now, and it’s hard to overstate how much we love him. He has such an incredibly sweet, quirky, and endearing personality,” Jen shared. “My heart melts every time I see his ridiculous and unspeakably adorable little pirate sneer.”


“Uno may be a big tough pirate, but he’s also a sweet little baby. Someone is going to be very lucky to adopt him.”

After some more time to heal and cuddle with his feline buddies at the Playschool, Uno will be ready to set sail for his forever home. Until he departs for the exciting voyage, keep up with Uno, Jen, and all the kitties at the Playschool for Wayward Kittens on Instagram and Facebook.

Feature Image: Playschool for Wayward Kittens/Instagram

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