Annual “Cat Extravaganza” Event Raises Money For Ukraine

This week, in the seaside village of Brighton, UK, the Loving Cats Worldwide group (more commonly known as the LCWW) put on their iconic and incredibly unique “Cat Extravaganza” event. This event attracted hundreds of Brighton locals to view what LCWW claimed to be the “most beautiful cats in the world.”

“(The) LCWW Group is back in full force with their iconic” Cat Extravaganza “- LCWW Spokesperson


This event, which will tour throughout the United Kingdom before making its way to the United States, has long been regarded as one of the most fun and informative events for cat lovers of all ages. From face painting to training tips to grooming expositions (and everything in between), the curators of this event have hand-picked activities that are fun for the whole family.

“This May, as part of their global 2022 tour, LCWW will be bringing the most beautiful cats in the world to Brighton Racecourse,” says a spokesperson for the event, “Cat-crazy exhibitors and visitors from all over the country will be flooding into Brighton to celebrate their love of cats. ”

Exotic breeds featured in this event include the Persian, the Bengal Cat, the Sphinx, the Abyssinian, and the Lykoi, commonly referred to as the “werewolf cat.” The LCWW experts participated in judging a best-of-show competition during each day of this weekend-long event. Additional categories of competition included: “Best Kitten,” “Best Cat,” and “Best Household Pet.”


One of the primary goals of this event was to educate the public about exotic cats and their distinctive personalities. These beautiful cats were put to work during this event, allowing staff to show off their beautiful features and teach attendees about breed-specific attributes and care requirements.

Several “big name” companies sponsored the event and set up merchant booths for attendees to enjoy, including Royal Canin Pet Foods, PetPlan Insurance, and the EveryCat Health Foundation. Locals were encouraged to walk through the booths and ask questions, seek advice, purchase food and toys, or simply celebrate with other cat lovers the joy that is an exotic.


A generous portion of the proceeds of this event is earmarked for donation to the people of Ukraine and, of course, their beloved cats. The Cat Extravaganza is scheduled to tour throughout the country over the next several weeks, allowing cat lovers from across the UK to come and see what are, indeed, the most beautiful cats in the world.

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