Mountain lion delivers four healthy kittens in mountains near Los Angeles | Los Angeles

A mountain lion tracked by biologists in the mountains near Los Angeles gave birth over the summer to four healthy kittens, officials said this week. The National Park Service said Tuesday that the cougar dubbed P-99 delivered the litter in July in the western Santa Monica mountains. The kittens, all females, have been named P-109, … Read more

Silly Lot | My Shetland

This silly lot refused to come up from the fields and go to bed when the snow first appeared, despite my shouting for them and waiting by the gate for their shining eyes to appear. So they spent the night out in the wind and snow. It couldn’t have been fun. And the next morning, … Read more

Prize ass: Jerzy Skolimowski on his donkey film that wowed Cannes | Movies

Then his rolling, sonorous, Polish-accented English, veteran director Jerzy Skolimowski explains how he became a donkey whisperer. “I make a very close bond with the animal,” he says. “Every time I was not doing anything else, I sat with donkey. I look very closely at him, eye to eye. I speak to donkey, talking in … Read more

Data sought for 2022 SPVS salary survey

Data is being sought from workers across the veterinary sector to shape SPVS’ 2022 salary survey. As the recruitment and retention crisis rumbles on, cost of living problems continue and the UK’s economic climate struggles, the association wants to hear from people across the professions – including vets, VNs, support staff and anyone working in … Read more

Do snakes make a good pet?

Worldwide, we have a complete fascination with owning pets of all shapes and sizes, with cats and dogs being the most popular. It takes a certain type of person to channel the love that most of us have for furry friends and pour it into a scaly reptile, but plenty of owners do! The truth is, snakes will make good pets, as long as you’re prepared for the specialized care, interesting diet and flicking tongue. So, let’s slither our way into the interesting world of snakes and see if they would make the right pet for you.

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Wild at Art 2022 winners: children draw attention to Australia’s threatened species – in pictures | Art and design

2nd place: best groupwork … Birdy, Birdy, Flying High by Art Box Workshops (age 7-10) “John Olsen’s You Beaut Country, an abstract painting of the Australian outback, inspired the background of our group artwork of the turquoise parrot that favors open grassy woodland for its natural habitat. The turquoise parrot is bright and stands out … Read more

Puffin nesting sites in western Europe could be lost by the end of the century Birds

The majority of puffin nesting sites in western Europe are likely to be lost by the end of the century due to climate breakdown, a report has warned. Other seabirds will also be affected unless urgent action to limit global heating is taken, with razorbills and arctic terns forecast to lose 80% and 87% of … Read more

Practice cooperation saves Burmese cat

Cooperation between a primary care practice and a referral center ensured a successful outcome for a young Burmese cat that needed emergency surgery for severe urethral damage. Parsnip, a nine-month-old Burmese, was seen in September by Boundary Vets in Abingdon, when his owner was worried he had become very lethargic and disinterested in food. He … Read more

BSAVA PetSavers offers increased research funding scheme

Applications are now open for the latest round of the BSAVA PetSavers Research Fellowship funding program, with more money now being made available to veterinary researchers. The scheme, which is intended to support academics in the early stages of their research careers, is making £70,000 of funding available. Criteria Grants can be used over a … Read more