Former Fighting Dog Dominates American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Johnny the Pit Bull was rescued from a Chicago dogfighting ring. Discovered chained in the basement of a repeat offender with nine other dogs, he was nervous and reserved when he first entered the home of Clara and Andrew “Roo” Yori. Luckily, the couple is experienced in rehabilitating fighting dogs, having fostered and adopted several … Read more

Living Off Scraps At A Garbage Dump, ‘Defeated’ Dog Yelped In Pain At Human Touch

Although his previous life is a mystery, he was discovered living at a garbage dump and eating rubbish to survive. His skin was severely infested with sarcoptic mange, resulting in significant hair loss and painful sores. He also had tick bites, anemia, and damaged eyes. Image / Story Source Credit: Sidewalk Specials via YouTube Video … Read more

‘No excuses’: limited conservation efforts could save at least 47 Australian animals from extinction | Endangered species

More than 40 Australian animals at the highest risk of extinction in the next two decades could be saved – and it would only take a small amount of extra conservation effort to achieve this, according to new research. A team of Australian scientists has identified the 63 vertebrates they believe are most likely to … Read more

Pets at Home announces partnership with sustainable pet accessory brand

Pets at Home Group has announced a strategic investment in Project Blu, a leading eco-conscious supplier of branded pet accessories. The investment is said to support Pets at Home’s ambition to become the most sustainable pet care business in the world, and includes a commercial partnership agreement on the design and manufacture of sustainable pet … Read more

Covetrus launches Ascend PMS in UK

Covetrus has introduced Ascend – a cloud-based practice management software (PMS) – across the UK, Europe and Asia Pacific. The company says the system improves efficiency, streamlines internal communication and collaboration, and creates a better experience for staff and clients. Integrations Ascend brings multiple systems together into one platform and has also been developed to … Read more

PODCAST: Emily Bridges on diversifying – and how to do it

Welcome to this latest Vet Times Jobs People Match Podcast, where we delighted to be joined by Emily Bridges, graduate program lead at Vets4Pets. Emily has diversified in her career, and here she takes us through her own journey to help others looking to make a change in the direction of their own working lives. … Read more

Davies solves sublumbar abscess mystery

An eagle-eyed radiologist at Davies Veterinary Specialists in Hertfordshire identified two migrating grass seeds as the cause of a spaniel’s sublumbar abscess using a combination of CT and ultrasound. The veterinary team performed a minimally invasive, ultrasound-guided retrieval of the perpetrators and the dog was discharged the following day. Further investigations English springer spaniel Dexter’s … Read more

Is monkeypox a risk to my pets?

In recent days, even as we start to move on from the pandemic, we’re starting to hear of a sudden and unusual spike in cases of another exotic infectious disease. Here in the UK, there are clear signs of local transmission, leading to frantic detective work by the health authorities to locate and isolate possible cases. But while we’re all being soberly told that this infection is endemic to west Africa and is spread from animals, have you ever wondered – is it just monkeys and humans who are at risk? Are our pets safe?

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