Feline spot-on Felpreva now available in UK

Vetoquinol has launched Felpreva – its “new breakthrough in feline parasite protection” – for vets to prescribe in the UK. Felpreva is the only spot-on parasiticide with three months’ protection against fleas and ticks – plus treatment against roundworms, tapeworms and ear mites – all in a single dose. It is licensed for treatment of … Read more

Toronto’s mystery predator really is a coy-wolf – but not as we know it | Endangered species

It was a spring morning when Elise Rustad saw the creature loping down a Toronto sidewalk. At a distance, it looked like a dog, but no owner was nearby. As it drew closer, she was struck by its size and its thick black, white and gray coat. “It was big. I’ve seen a wolf before, … Read more

RCVS Academy project seeks veterinary backing

The RCVS is looking for veterinary professionals to support the development of a new digital learning platform. The college is launching the RCVS Academy to support and develop veterinary teams’ skills and knowledge, and is looking for people to join a new panel to provide feedback about the platform to help deliver on the full … Read more

Should I reuse leftover Pet Medication?

It is common practice to ensure that your pet is examined by a veterinary surgeon on a regular basis. These check-ups are vital to ensure that your pet is as happy and healthy as possible. However, there should be any health issues then a regular check will identify and manage any health issues in the most effective and appropriate way possible. For example, as part of that health management, there is a possibility that your pet may be prescribed medication.

Many of us pet owners may have some unused pet medication in your home; it is possible that you have held on to these medications because you are not sure what to do with them. Or maybe you suspect these medications could be used in the future. However, can you really reuse leftover pet medication?

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‘I just want to leave with the calf’: the US activist befriending farmers | Animal welfare

Then an era of undercover investigations, hidden videos and potential prison sentences for those involved in trespassing, US livestock farmers are not known for welcoming activists on to their land, or letting them find homes for unwanted calves. But Vermont-based activist Jason Bolalek has upended a narrative of opposing sides by befriending dairy producers in … Read more

Annual bird count in UK gardens raises hopes for greenfinch | RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

Greenfinch populations, which were previously in steep decline in the UK, are showing the first signs of recovery, according to the latest annual RSPB big garden birdwatch results. The citizen science survey gives a good idea of ​​how bird populations are faring in Britain. This year almost 700,000 people took part, counting more than 11 … Read more

Cat Mom & Her Cloned Kitty Are Teaching Others The Truth About Cloning

When considering cloning a cat, here’s something significant to remember. The cloned kitty won’t be an exact replica of their predecessor. While the physical similarities will prove astounding, every cat is a unique being with their very own personality regardless of their beginnings. And that’s what Kelly Anderson wants people to understand. It’s important to … Read more

Trupanion Vs. Lemonade Pet Insurance: In-Depth Comparison [2022]

[19] Trupanion Insurance Customer Reviews (2022) iHeartDogs created surveyed our readers in 2022 about their experience with Trupanion and other major pet insurance plans. Overall Pets Best received a 4.5 out of 5 rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Zero deductible, very quick turn around. Emergency vet takes payment directly from company. Insured at 14 weeks so no … Read more