Primatologist Alison Richard: ‘Madagascar is a floating evolutionary laboratory’ | Conservation

Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean off the African coast, is the fourth largest island in the world and a biodiversity hotspot. The British primatologist, conservationist and a former vice-chancellor of Cambridge, Dame Alison Richard, has immersed herself in research and conservation projects there since the early 1970s. Her research on lemurs, Madagascar’s endangered indigenous primates, … Read more

A TikTok Video Of True Love

Cat mom Alana and kitty Beano call Ottawa, Canada, home, but people know them worldwide as Beano is “TikTok Royalty.” With almost eighty-five thousand followers on TikTok and sporting just about four million likes, Beano captures hearts quickly with his fabulous, fluffy black fur and silly ways! And one thing that gets this good cat … Read more

Beat The Market – How To Recruit Effectively In A Post-COVID World

Finding and hiring the perfect candidate to join your veterinary practice in a reasonable amount of time is seemingly an impossible task nowadays. Due to COVID and other trends, many businesses are chronically understaffed, can’t keep up with customer demandsand are struggling to fill vacancies. Did all the talented vets just evaporate into thin air? … Read more

Brown bear population in Pyrenees highest for a century, says study | Conservation

A scheme to reintroduce brown bears to the Pyrenees is showing signs of success, with 70 individuals identified in 2021, the highest number for a century. The population has increased from 52 in 2018, according to figures produced by the cross-border group that monitors the bears in France and Spain, with half the creatures living … Read more

Jennifer Aniston Shares Precious Throwback Pics For National Puppy Day

Fans are in love with the puppy Jennifer Aniston rescued toward the beginning of the pandemic. She adopted a tiny pup named Lord Chesterfield, and his sweet, innocent face warmed the hearts of many. After seeing how many others adored her new pup, the Followers star decided to continue sharing updates on her furry friend. … Read more

How to lamb a ewe – 7 Top Tips

Back in the autumn when the tups went in, lambing seemed a really long way away. All of a sudden, we look at the calendar and lambing is getting closer. Do you feel prepared? Whether you are a seasoned shepherd or a budding one, it’s best to make sure the lambing kit is all ready and replenished.

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Conservationists accuse Adani of ‘sidelining’ experts on endangered black-throated finch | Queensland

Conservationists have accused Adani of breaching its legal obligation to protect the black-throated finch displaced by the clearing or impact of 16,000 hectares of its habitat near the Carmichael coalmine, after obtaining draft documents about the species’ management. BirdLife Australia’s Stephanie Todd said Adani’s proposed new management plan for the endangered finch – obtained under … Read more

“Super-Smart” Cat Takes Matters Into His Own Paws & Opens Door For Feline Family

One home in the Caltanissetta countryside of Sicily, Italy, is a paradise for cats. And this house is so cat-friendly it features a fenced-in yard with plenty of room to run and a kitchen just for the cats that heated and filled with cushions, so everybody has a comfy spot to snooze after a delicious … Read more

Dog’s 8,000-mile round trip for UK surgery

A US doctor has made an 8,000-mile round trip to get life-saving heart surgery for his cockapoo at a Cambridgeshire referral center. Jeffrey Bernfield, a specialist in diagnostic radiology, flew 12-year-old Hula from Chicago, Illinois to Dick White Referrals (DWR) for specialist heart surgery. Hula was suffering from a severe case of myxomatous mitral valve … Read more

‘We can not afford to get this wrong’: relocating Leadbeater’s possums is risky – but it’s their only chance | Endangered species

As dusk has fallen each night for the last seven days, Dan Harley and Arabella Eyre have turned to each other and said: “They’ll be coming out about now.” A week ago, the pair executed a risky plan to relocate five tiny Leadbeater’s possums – each about as heavy as an apple and the size … Read more