Why do Dogs Lick Their Paws?

Many people have a bad bodily habit or two. Whether it’s biting your nails, picking your nose, popping spots or picking scabs, we’ve all been guilty in the past. So it’s not really a surprise when our closest friends, dogs, have a few naughty habits too. One of the most common is licking their paws. Why do dogs do this? What can we do to stop it? Why is it even a bad habit?

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Down but not out: how the European mink found refuge on an Estonian island | Estonia

Thet finally stops snowing just as Tiit Maran parks his orange Dacia Duster next to a bridge on a quiet country road. “Too bad the snow is so fresh,” he says. “We’ll not find any tracks now.” Maran, the director of Tallinn zoo and a European mink biologist, is looking for the critically endangered mammal … Read more

Surviving The Colorado Marshall Fire, Merlin The Cat Proves Magical

** WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT ** Colorado resident Camden Hall and his tabby cat Merlin are best buds. But in December 2021, while Camden was at work at the Eldora Mountain Ski Resort, the unthinkable happened. The Marshall wildfire raged through the towns and cities of Superior, Louisville, Broomfield, and the unincorporated areas of Boulder County. … Read more

UK ‘does not deserve’ Afghan vet refugees – Magic Carpet

The UK could miss its opportunity to bring a group of “desperately needed” Afghan vets into the country due to Government inaction. A group of 78 refugees, comprising veterinary staff and their dependents, has been stuck in Islamabad awaiting a response from the British Government after being rescued from Afghanistan in an operation, led by … Read more

Adders and slowworms to gain extra protection under new system in England | Wildlife

Adders and slowworms will be among animals given extra protection under plans by the government to “streamline” the process for protecting nature-rich areas. George Eustice, the environment secretary, said that he plans for brownfield and urban sites to be given greater protection as he scraps sites of special scientific interest (SSSIs) and special protected areas … Read more

Singing Dog Gets Standing Ovation From Simon Cowell On ‘America’s Got Talent’

From sniffing out explosives to performing challenging acrobatics, dogs are known for pulling off impressive tricks. They learn a lot more than the basic “sit” and “stay,” and a three-year-old dog named Oscar took his talent to a well-known stage. Accompanied by his person, Pam, Oscar was a contestant on “America’s Got Talent.” He had … Read more

Dick White Academy celebrates 94% pass rate in VetSkill L3 VN diploma exams – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

The Dick White Academy is celebrating a 94% first-time pass rate for its students sitting the VetSkill L3 VN diploma exams, way above the national average of 75%. Academy principal Ali Heywood (pictured right) said: “We’re specifically set up to provide one of the best training facilities in the country and these results are absolutely … Read more

Britain’s butterflies bolstered by conservation efforts | Butterflies

Some of the UK’s most threatened butterflies weathered a poor year in 2021 thanks to conservation efforts, annual survey results have shown. The woodland-loving heath fritillary has doubled in abundance in the past decade, although it is 90% down on 1980 levels. The silver-studded blue also did well, recording its best year since 1996. The … Read more

These 21 Social Media Posts Sum Up The Fun & Cuteness of Cats & Dogs

Here’s the easiest math equation you’ll ever solve. What does you plus one furry pet equal? That’s right, a lifetime of love! And with all the snuggles, tail wags, and whiskery kisses your cats and dogs bestow upon you, expect some fun and laughs too. Since other pawrents love to share the antics of their … Read more

Veterinary Pathologist Sues Zoetis for Pay Discrimination

Veterinary Pathologist Sues Zoetis for Pay Discrimination Earlier this week, veterinary pathologist, Dr. Yvonne Schulman, filed a claim involving pay and gender discrimination against Zoetis Reference Laboratories in the US District Court for the District of New Jersey. The anatomic pathologist has reported that she was paid around $ 105,000 less than one male counterpart … Read more