Retired First Responder Finds His Lost Dogs During News Interview

Kevin Johnson, a retired firefighter from Calaveras County, California, loves his two Pit Bulls more than anything. One is even in training to become an emotional support dog to help him deal with the trauma of more than 30 years on the job. Johnson lives on a quiet street, so he never expected his dogs … Read more

Home Surveillance Captures Coyote Attack & Ultimate Rescue Of Family Dog

A California family is still in shock after helping their dog break free from a sudden coyote attack. The entire event was caught on home surveillance, showing the pivotal moment that saved Chico’s life. Kerri and Larry Ruiz live in Southern California with their adorable pup named Chico. The Ruiz family loves their beautiful home … Read more

Here’s What You Need To Know

If you live in Washington, Oregon, Northern California, or Southern Vancouver Island and enjoy taking your dog on streamside adventures, this message is for you. The California Department of Fish & Wildlife released a statement earlier this month reminding residents to protect their dogs against Salmon Poisoning Disease. The potentially-fatal condition occurs when dogs ingest … Read more

Lab Wins Dog Surfing Contest After Shark Sighting Complicates Things

After nine years of the East Coast Dog Surfing Championships, sharks had never been an issue. The competing canines had always been able to peacefully surf without having to worry about what lurked beneath the water. But for the 10th annual competition in Cocoa Beach, Florida, there were many complications when a shark sighting occurred. … Read more

Scientists find dingoes genetically different from domestic dogs after decoding genome | Wildlife

Dingoes are genetically distinct from domestic dogs and their evolution has been shaped by Australia’s environment, scientists who have fully decoded the dingo genome have said. An international team of researchers have analyzed the genetic makeup of a pure desert dingo called Sandy Maliki, finding that dingoes are an intermediary between wolves and domestic dog … Read more

Dog Comes Back ‘Frantic’ And Soaking Wet, Begs Family To Follow Her To Nearby Dam

In Brisbane, Australia, David and his family were having a fun afternoon with some pals in an open area. Alexander, their 2-year-old son, was supposed to be playing with Leala, the family’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier. But no one took notice when the youngster vanished from sight. The 9-year-old dog began to tug at David, but … Read more

Sheriff Goes Looking For A ‘Loose’ Pit Bull, The Dog Comes Right At His Car

We absolutely love happy endings and this story is no exception! It’s also about stereotypes out there concerning Pit Bulls. You’re going to love the ending 🙂 The Lee County Sheriff’s Office was alerted to a Pit Bull loose on the streets, and neighbors were concerned. When law enforcement arrived, the dog did something that … Read more

‘Mystery Animal’ Dropped At Humane Society, Workers Clueless As To What ‘It’ Is

A huge ball of fur was dropped off at the Central Missouri Humane Society by someone. On first sight, it was difficult to identify what was beneath the tangle of hair. The individual who abandoned the pet said it had been discovered in a small dog bed at a local supermarket. Workers at the shelter … Read more