‘Amazing and loyal’ dog defends woman from mountain lion attack in California | California

A woman who was attacked by a mountain lion in northern California says her dog jumped to her defense and was badly wounded in protecting her. “I do not think I will ever be able to live up to how amazing and loyal she is to me,” Erin Wilson told the Sacramento Bee on Tuesday. … Read more

Accidental discovery that scallops love ‘disco’ lights leads to new fishing technique | Environment

An unusual technique for catching scallops that was stumbled upon accidentally by scientists could potentially reduce some of the damage caused to our seabeds by fishing. The marine scientist Dr Rob Enever and his team at Fishtek Marine, a fisheries consultancy based in Devon, designed small underwater “potlights” to help protect fish stocks by replacing … Read more

Looking Svelte | My Shetland

I am feeling a little bit proud of the Minions. Oh, yes, they may hate where they live because the old ladies have all the spring grass but it has done them the world of good. No more fat little Shetland ponies going into spring. Instead lovely svelte little Shetland ponies who will NOT get … Read more

Iceland urged to ban ‘blood farms’ that extract hormone from pregnant horses | Environment

Iceland is under pressure to ban the production of a hormone extracted from pregnant horses, a practice that has been described as “cruel” and “animal abuse”. The hormone is used by farmers across the UK and Europe to increase reproduction in pigs, cows and other female farm animals. Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin (PMSG) is extracted … Read more

Country diary: Billions of mussel larvae call for 15,000 meters of rope | Fishing

While most other crofters are minding their fields for lambs, we are watching the water. Loch Eil reflects the soft gray clouds rolling down the corries, but closer inspection reveals milky drifts below its surface. The mussels are spawning. Mytilus edulis release sperm and eggs into the water, making a swimming soup of fertilization that … Read more

Boy, 3, dies after suspected dog attack in Greater Manchester | Greater Manchester

A three-year-old boy has died in a suspected dog attack in Greater Manchester, police said. Officers were called by North West ambulance service after the child was injured in the incident in Rochdale at about 1.15pm on Sunday. Greater Manchester police (GMP) said the victim was taken by ambulance to hospital but died from his … Read more

Perfect Day | My Shetland

Today was a perfect day. I rode Dreki off the lead rein with Daisy instructing and ready to grab… .. No grabbing was required and Dreki was perfect. Then I had a riding lesson on Klængur from Daisy and he was perfect too. Then we brushed the old men…. And they looked perfect afterwards. After … Read more

Readers reply: can seagulls recognize you? | Life and style

Can seagulls recognize you? My friend swears blind that his local gulls torment him personally. Is there anything in this? Edward Lambourn, Rhyl Send new questions to nq@theguardian.com. Readers reply Dr. Livingston Seagull, I presume? MrCassandra I have had experiences in my own garden where a swallow and a mistle thrush have taken to attacking … Read more

Someone’s Home | My Shetland

It is Eurovision – a tradition in our family – so someone is home for the weekend! Iacs knows. He has been planning his welcome. Daisy arrived last night and so today we had a wonderful horsey morning. First up was Dreki. I have been regularly working with my dragon (Dreki means dragon in Icelandic) … Read more