Autumn has arrived in the UK – but the season is not like it used to be Autumn

Eearly morning light is filtering through the trees. Here and there, sprigs of lichen and clusters of fungi peep out from the carpet of orange leaves that is covering the dark, damp ground. Somewhere overhead, hidden in the branches of the forest, a goldcrest is calling. This weekend is officially the first weekend of autumn … Read more

Cleaners at Amsterdam gallery ordered to let insects run wild in the name of art Art

No vacuum cleaners and no feather dusters: that’s the order that has gone out to the cleaning staff at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. As part of an exhibition exploring the changing perceptions of creepy-crawlies in art and science through the ages, the national museum of the Netherlands has been allowing its crevices and corners to … Read more

Turtle concern: Australian businessman denies threatening to sell Conflict Islands to China | Asia Pacific

The owner of 21 tropical islands off the coast of Papua New Guinea says he never threatened to sell them to China and his main aim is to save the turtles that nest there. Ian Gowrie-Smith, an Australian businessman and investor, bought the Conflict Islands, which lie less than 1,000 km from the Australian coast, … Read more

War or Games | My Shetland

Maggie is very much her own sheep. She likes what she likes and much is tolerated by her, but the existence of Pepper is one thing too many. I tell both Pepper and Maggie that they will just have to rub along together. Maggie does not think this is a solution she can agree to. … Read more


Animals fed, animals watered, poultry fed, poultry watered, dogs walked and then I walk past this little gem! Bibble – or Bible, Binbag, Biblet, Bubble and even Bubblegum! (according to my autocorrect) was hanging over the gate trying his hardest to catch my attention. Me: So, Bibble, what do you want? Me: Aww, Binbag, is … Read more

Rescuer of bar-going raccoon arrested for unlawful possession of furbearer | Animals

A woman has been charged with three crimes after she took a raccoon called Rocky to a bar in North Dakota. Erin Christensen faces up to two years in prison and a $7,500 fine after she took the raccoon to Maddock Bar for happy hour on September 6. A bartender said no one was bitten … Read more

Swiss to vote in national poll on banning factory farming | Animal welfare

Swiss voters will vote on Sunday on whether to ban factory farming as unconstitutional and end imports of intensively farmed meat. The latest poll shows 52% of voters oppose a ban, and 47% support one. If the factory-farming ballot initiative is passed, Switzerland’s constitution, which already protects the “welfare and dignity of animals”, would be … Read more

Country diary: Swimming in the sea through a roiling shoal of silver sprats fold

ors we arrived at the beach, the setting sun blazed orange, backlighting the sail-shaped Spinnaker Tower, which stood proud on the horizon. It was the perfect evening for a swim, the calm, dark sea reflecting like quicksilver. As we slipped in, two swallows swooped low above our heads – a welcome distraction from the water’s … Read more