Lessons from the past: The Triassic mass extinction

Paleogeographical location and extent of CAMP are based on the work of Marzoli et al. The end-Triassic mass extinction (ETME), one of the Phanerozoic’s largest mass extinctions, is usually attributed to the climate change associated with basalt flows from the central Atlantic magmatic province (CAMP) emplaced during the initial rifting of Pangea. These massive volcanic … Read more

Geology Page – Rhodochrosite with Fluorite and Sphalerite |…

Rhodochrosite with Fluorite and Sphalerite #Geology #GeologyPage #minerals #usa Dimensions: 5.5 × 7.9 × 3.4 cm Locality: Sweet Home Mine, Alma, Park County, Colorado, USA, North America Photo Copyright © Crystal Classics Geology Pagewww.geologypage.com – view on Instagram https://scontent-msp1-1.cdninstagram.com/v/t51.2885-15/272809949_474166824162710_4599831051864281614_n.jpg?_nc_cat=107&ccb=1-5&_nc_sid=8ae9ohc_8_G_T_ -1.cdninstagram.com & edm = ANo9K5cEAAAA & oh = 00_AT9hXpJjk9_R73UXNYd5JBsqtyTu9D11TmmtbZTJOAnzHA & oe = 61F73269 .

Why we do the Day of Action

There are many ways to reach your member of Congress: email, phone calls, digital petitions, and any number of social media platforms. All of these can be valuable for advocacy and we often encourage our members to use them. But the Day of Action is different: our members meet with their legislators and congressional staff. … Read more

A century ago, Colorado River Compact negotiations begin – jfleck at inkstain

By Eric Kuhn and John Fleck From the Colorado River Compact Commissioners gathered in Washington a century ago, a storm settled over the nation’s capital. Photo courtesy Smithsonian Herbert Hoover’s words a century ago were chosen with care. Might it be possible, he wondered, for the Colorado State basin, providing for the water supply of … Read more

Internship With Environmental Science and Policy Program

Internship With Environmental Science and Policy Program A Master of Public Administration (MPA) program in Environmental Science and Policy at the School of International and Public Affairs is seeking an intern for the Spring 2022 semester. Job title: MPA Environmental Science and Policy Program Intern Application Deadline: Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis; … Read more

Urban gardens are crucial food sources for pollinators

Bumblebees visit a honeysuckle flowering plant. Sidorova Maria | Shutterstock Pollinators are struggling to survive in the countryside, where green montane meadows, hedges and fields have been replaced by green monoculture, as a result of modern industrial farming. And yet an unlikely refuge could come in the form of city gardens. Research has shown how … Read more

Geology Page – Fluorite with Quartz and Calcite

Fluorite with Quartz and Calcite | #Geology #GeologyPage #minerals #England Dimensions: 12.5 × 8.4 × 5.8 cm Locality: Milky Way Pocket, Diana Maria Mine, Frosterley, Weardale, Co. Durham, England Photo Copyright © Crystal Classics Geology Pagewww.geologypage.com – view on Instagram https://scontent-atl3-2.cdninstagram.com/v/t51.2885-15/272767810_721273622641566_438220829232352095_n.jpg?_nc_cat=104&ccq_1nc6F3 -2.cdninstagram.com & edm = ANo9K5cEAAAA & oh = 00_AT9wxP2kzmds14LOqxe8kZUo8LU-uSZTx3ff2bdeBMGZRw & oe = 61F57399 .

Reading the Washington Landscape: Keller Ferry

A bit of Washington State trivia: What was the first ferry route run by Washington State? The Keller Ferry route across the Columbia River was taken over by the State in 1930 (wsdot.wa.gov/ferries-keller-ferry) and is still opperated by the State of Washington. The ferry connects Highway 21 across the Columbia (now Lake Roosevelt) at the … Read more

Science Communication Through Writing – The Plainspoken Scientist

By Grace Cajski Cajski with three interviewees. Credit: Grace Cajski In the summer of 2021 — the last months of my gap year — I researched Hawaii aquaculture on Oahu. I spoke to more than forty scientists, not-for-profit leaders, aquaculture, conservationists, and fishpond caretakers in interviews and informal meetings. I learned about the history of … Read more