Mighty Malamute Appoints Himself Bodyguard To Tiny Newborn Brother

Malamutes are well-known for being loyal and loving. Although, they’re no couch potatoes. They were bred to work as arctic sled dogs, and with that comes strength, stamina, and size. So seeing a big, fluffy canine clearly understand that he needs to be calm and gentle while meeting his tiny new pack member is so … Read more

Tiny Toddler Sneaks In To Kiss Mama Dog And Her Precious Puppies Goodnight

When it comes to kids and canines, you never quite know what to expect. Some kids struggle with being gentle, while others are the epitome of easygoing. Some canines can find tiny humans to be quite frightening, while others favor children over adults. So when a toddler was captured on camera sneaking into a bedroom … Read more

Dog Longs For A Woman’s Embrace Even After Lady Set Her On Fire

A couple involved their dog Denali in their domestic dispute. The wife locked the innocent Pit Bull in a crate and set the house on fire. What resulted, in a pointless tragedy, left their dog traumatized and severely injured. Denali was badly burned throughout her body. The dog suffered both mental and emotional damage that … Read more

Boy With “Life-Limiting Condition” Cries Happy Tears After Meeting Special Puppy

13-year-old Oscar went through heart surgery in 2017. Now, his mom says that he “lives with a life-limiting condition.” The family has two adorable Labrador Retrievers who can comfort Oscar, but the boy has always expressed interest in a small dog that he could hold and cuddle more easily. So, when Oscar’s mom heard about … Read more

Baby Hippopotamus Who Thinks He’s A Rhino Learns “How To Hippo”

Charlie the Hippopotamus was an impressionable youngster when he arrived at the Zululand Rhino Orphanage in South Africa. After witnessing his family killed by poachers when he was just a few days old, Charlie had no idea what it meant to be a hippo. This identity crisis was only compounded when Charlie was introduced to … Read more

Long Live Gino, The New Oldest Dog In The World

22-year-old Gino Wolf loves salmon treats, napping by the fire, and cruising his California neighborhood in a roomy luxury wagon. The adorable Chihuahua mix was named Guinness World Records’ “Oldest Dog Living” on November 15, 2022, inheriting the title from Pebbles the Toy Fox Terrier, who passed away in October. Gino’s dad, Alex Wolf, credits … Read more

Family Wants To Replace Deaf Puppy But Mom Has A Plan To Save Him

Pre-school teacher Jo Le Page and her family welcomed a Spanish Water Dog puppy named Rafa this past June but soon realized there was something different about him. The fluffy white pup didn’t respond to loud noises, even the shrill sound of the smoke alarm. While the rest of the family wanted to return Rafa … Read more