‘Defiant’ Husky Told To Get Into His Kennel And Uses ‘English’ To Talk Back

We absolutely love watching videos with Huskies and this one is no different! However, we highly recommend to listen closely to the video below because we swear that he is speaking English! “Go in your house” is a phrase that has been said to Brian, a gorgeous Siberian Husky with distinctive deep blue eyes. However, … Read more

Bulldog Puppy Throws Hilarious ‘Temper-Tantrum’, Rebels Against His Cool Mama Dog

We absolutely love videos of mama and baby pups together. But, this one is a little different. You’re going to see a ‘Temper Tantrum ”like no other below! Patches is a Mama Bulldog who is extremely vigilant of her only pup, Elvis. Because Elvis was born with a cleft lip, Patches goes above and beyond … Read more

Woman Leaves Dog With Her Dad, Receives The ‘Best Texts’ From Him During The Day

Meghan Specksgoor from Midlothian, Virginia, decided to have her father babysit her dog as she was getting ready to take a trip to New York. Her father, Larry was most definitely the proud grandfather of his 4 year old German Shephard grandson named Chance. Meghan decided to post her texts on Twitter of these two … Read more

‘New-Mom’ Introduced Newborn To Her Pet And Dog Showed Mom Her 1st Rookie Mistake

Dogs are known to have an uncanny ability to sense when a new baby has arrived. Recent studies show that dogs can smell when a newborn is related to their human pack leader. This may be because dogs preferentially form bonds with people in charge of looking after them. Dogs naturally form attachments to the … Read more

Top 9 Pet Insurance Plans For French Bulldogs (2022)

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. The French Bulldog breed’s popularity has soared in recent years, and it’s no wonder. These adorable squish-faced dogs entertain us with their goofy antics and warm our hearts with their affectionate nature. … Read more

Prudent Pet Vs. ManyPets Insurance: In-Depth Comparison [2022]

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Growling Pit Bull Wasn’t Allowed To Be Adopted But Dog-Lover Made It Her ‘Mission’

Sioux City, like other United States cities, had a strict ban on Pit Bulls. When Pits were discovered in city shelters, they were put in the back because they weren’t available for adoption. Angel was a Pit Bull with a bad reputation who had a nasty habit of displaying her teeth. She would also growl … Read more

Tribute To Vanna White’s Cat Leaves Wheel of Fortune Audience In Tears

This past week, Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak announced to dedicated viewers that co-host Vanna White’s beloved cat, Stella, has passed away at the age of sixteen. Wheel of Fortune, with whom White has been employed for over forty years, missed no opportunity to show the whole family love and support during this trying … Read more

Depressed Dog Was Alone At Shelter For 2-Years And Recognized A Familiar Smell

When she was discovered on the streets, she was brought to Argentina’s El Arca Animal Partido de Mar Chiquita. Volunteers were instantly drawn to her. Silvia Ferreyra, a volunteer in particular, caught everyone’s attention. But despite her pleasant demeanor, she was continuously passed over by adopters due to her age.   Image / Story Source … Read more