Rescue Pulls A “Stray” From A Kill Shelter Unaware He’d Been Missing For A Year

You’ve probably heard the story before of a dog escaping through an open gate and disappearing. This version of that story has a pretty positive and incredible ending, though. It’s about a dog named Sparky from Palm Beach Florida who was missing for an entire year. Sparky’s slip through the gate and subsequent disappearance happened … Read more

No One Believed This Veteran Could Train A Husky To Be His Service Dog

When you think of a service dog, it’s most likely a Lab or Golden Retriever that wags its tail across your mind. They’re the breeds you see most often assisting others because their temperaments lend well to helping people. High energy breeds like Huskies do not often make the cut. But as we dog-lovers know, … Read more

‘Supervet’ Noel Fitzpatrick’s Dog Dies A Year After Near-Death Experience

In October 2020, famous vet Noel Fitzpatrick thought he lost his beloved Border Terrier Keira. She was hit by a van outside of his veterinary office, and the horrific moments of the event still haunt Fitzpatrick today. Yet, the Supervet star was able to save his dog’s life. With intense surgeries and treatments, he helped … Read more

Meteorologists’ Dog Interrupts Weathercast In Search Of Treats

Fellow fans of both dogs and news bloopers: you’re going to love this one. A routine weather forecast on Global News Toronto suddenly became a starring vehicle for the meteorologist’s dog last week. Storm, as the dog is adorably named, wandered casually into his dad’s broadcast in search of treats. A total pro, Anthony Farnell … Read more

Woman Writes Heartwrenching Letter To Puppy Mill Breeder

Ever wish you could confront the people that were responsible for causing the love of your life, your dog’s, misery?Thersea Strader founded the National Mill Dog Rescue in 2007 in honor of her Italian Greyhound Lily – who was a poster child for the abuse and neglect puppy mill dogs experience. Lily had spent the … Read more

Man Who Dragged Dog Behind Scooter Put Behind Bars Thanks to Quick-Thinking Dog Lover

The day was playing out like any other day for Mission Texas resident, Melissa Janelle Torrez. It was a Friday afternoon and Torrez was getting ready to leave home. However, just as she was driving out of the neighborhood, Torrez was met with a very disturbing sight. Mario Cardona, her 59-year-old neighbor, was cruising nonchalantly … Read more

Mischievous Monkey Holds Puppy Hostage In Trees For Three Days

Much like we are used to seeing squirrels scampering about in our everyday environment, residents in Malaysia are accustomed to having monkeys prowling around. And while they may indeed be absolutely adorable, the macaques can be quite mischievous. They are even well known for stealing food from inside resident’s houses. But one particular macaque opted … Read more