New webinars to support veterinary mental health – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Royal Canin and Vets: Stay, Go, Diversify will be holding a month-long free CPD webinar series on mental health in the veterinary profession. The company says the webinars will equip veterinary professionals with strategies to strengthen well-being both individually and for practice teams. Lauren Hayes, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager at Royal Canin, said: “Working … Read more

Pet Eye Health Awareness Week returns in September – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

TVM had announced that its annual Pet Eye Health Awareness Week will take place from 22nd-28th September this year, focusing on brachycephalic pets which are particularly prone to eye problems. To help practices make the most of the week, TVM is providing waiting room displays, client leaflets, social media packs and online information to help … Read more

Why Don’t Vets Use the Phrase ‘Put to Sleep’ Anymore?

If you’ve ever had a very sick or elderly pet, no doubt you will have had the difficult, awkward, emotional and sometimes heated conversation with yourself regarding the end of their life. Maybe it went the way you expected, maybe not. You may have even noticed your pet using certain terms to describe your pet’s death. What are these phrases? Why are some problematic? Do vets not say ‘put to sleep’ anymore?

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No change to risk after the first case of human-to-pet monkeypox transmission

Scientists in France say they have found what they believe could be the first incident of monkeypox being transmitted from an infected person to their pet dog. The case has been reported in The Lancet medical journal and the researchers said it should prompt wider debate on how pets could be protected when their owners … Read more

CVO issues warnings as avian influenza zone measures ease

UK CVO Christine Middlemiss has urged bird keepers to continue to follow enhanced biosecurity measures when formal restrictions are lifted tomorrow (August 16) following the country’s worst avian influenza outbreak. An avian influenza prevention zone (AIPZ) was put in place for the whole of Great Britain in November following discussions between Dr Middlemiss and her … Read more


I’m hoping we all survived the recent heatwave. Unfortunately, at the height of it, I was confined to my bedroom with a suspected kidney infection and a 38°C temperature. So, no lounging on the beach and swimming for me; more a case of lying in a darkened room and wondering, could you get a positive … Read more

Pet Eye Health Awareness Week to focus on brachycephalic issues

Pet Eye Health Awareness Week will focus on brachycephalic ocular syndrome among other topics when it returns for the third time next month. TVM started the initiative to assist veterinary practices by providing waiting room displays, web pages and social media packs to help them with their education to owners. This year, a dedicated section … Read more

September webinar series to support veterinary mental health

Nutrition firm Royal Canin and Vets: Stay, Go, Diversify are teaming up to run a webinar series on mental health in September. The series, which will count towards CPD for anyone on the RCVS registers, will include guest speakers aiming to raise awareness of issues, and equip veterinary professionals with strategies to improve their well-being … Read more

Dechra unveils protein-based equine strangles vaccine

A protein-based strangles vaccine for horses and ponies that has been in development for more than 25 years has been launched to market by Dechra. The company said Strangvac is the first and only intramuscular vaccine to help protect against strangles, which is caused by the Streptococcus equi. Strangvac contains recombinant proteins CCE, Eq85 and … Read more