Data sought for 2022 SPVS salary survey

Data is being sought from workers across the veterinary sector to shape SPVS’ 2022 salary survey. As the recruitment and retention crisis rumbles on, cost of living problems continue and the UK’s economic climate struggles, the association wants to hear from people across the professions – including vets, VNs, support staff and anyone working in … Read more

Do snakes make a good pet?

Worldwide, we have a complete fascination with owning pets of all shapes and sizes, with cats and dogs being the most popular. It takes a certain type of person to channel the love that most of us have for furry friends and pour it into a scaly reptile, but plenty of owners do! The truth is, snakes will make good pets, as long as you’re prepared for the specialized care, interesting diet and flicking tongue. So, let’s slither our way into the interesting world of snakes and see if they would make the right pet for you.

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Practice cooperation saves Burmese cat

Cooperation between a primary care practice and a referral center ensured a successful outcome for a young Burmese cat that needed emergency surgery for severe urethral damage. Parsnip, a nine-month-old Burmese, was seen in September by Boundary Vets in Abingdon, when his owner was worried he had become very lethargic and disinterested in food. He … Read more

BSAVA PetSavers offers increased research funding scheme

Applications are now open for the latest round of the BSAVA PetSavers Research Fellowship funding program, with more money now being made available to veterinary researchers. The scheme, which is intended to support academics in the early stages of their research careers, is making £70,000 of funding available. Criteria Grants can be used over a … Read more

How much fat do cats actually need in their diet?

Fat is often thought of as a bad thing in terms of food. But that’s not necessarily the case especially when it comes to our domestic cats. Cats are classified as obligate carnivores. This means that they require nutrients that are only naturally found in meat and they cannot survive without it. They evolved eating a diet low in carbohydrates, with high protein and moderate fat levels. And this is what we would generally try to replicate in their domestic diets.

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Pioneering treatment saves Riley from rare and aggressive form of anemia

A Scottish hospital has used a rare treatment to save a one-year-old dog from an unusual blood condition. Riley, a springer spaniel and border collie-cross, has now made a full recovery following several days in intensive care at the Vets Now emergency unit in Glasgow, followed by six months of further medication. The team used … Read more

Nepalese own enjoys UK learning trip thanks to charities

A charity has been helping a Nepalese wildlife vet to learn some new skills during a visit to the UK. Wildlife Vets International (WVI) has been supporting Amir Saduala, who oversees the care of animals in the Chitwan National Park, since tourism revenues were decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the group has brought him … Read more

What does laparoscopic surgery mean on a vets’ website and is it important?

Home » All Posts » New vet » What does laparoscopic surgery mean on a vets’ website and is it important?

The world of veterinary medicine is full of scientific words and phrases, not commonly used in day-to-day life. Normally, when we speak to clients, we can explain what we mean so that everyone has an understanding of the situation and there is no confusion. However, you may come across certain language on a vet’s website which may not be clear. Laparoscopic surgery is often one of those phrases seen when advertising which services a vet can offer. But what does laparoscopic surgery actually mean and why should you pay attention to it?

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