‘Nothing Is More Powerful Than Prioritizing Your Mental Health’ – Life As a Vet Student With Jess Cliffe

Life as a veterinary student comes with its own highs and lows. One person who has experienced them and is dedicated to spreading the word on what veterinary school entails, is veterinary student and Youtuber, Jess Cliffe. In this article, we interview Jess, find out what life as a veterinary student in New Zealand is … Read more

Free vet treatment for Ukraine refugees launches across Europe

Ukrainian refugees who have fled the Russian invasion with their animals can now access free veterinary treatment across 38 European countries, thanks to a coordinated project led by an international charity. Refugees will be able to have their treatment costs covered for up to five dogs, cats, horses or other animals as a result of … Read more

Rabbit Awareness Week will start on 27th June – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

The Rabbit Awareness Action Group, led by Burgess Pet Care, has announced that this year Rabbit Awareness Week will start on the 27th June and focus on rabbits’ environment. The ‘Room For Rabbits’ campaign follows research in which 38% of vets said they think rabbits’ environment is the most neglected welfare need1with over a quarter … Read more

Veterinarians’ Appeal for Medical Supplies and Donations for Ukraine

Veterinarians’ Appeal for Medical Supplies and Donations for Ukraine Veterinarians in Britain have pulled together to provide support for Ukraine. The group, British Veterinary Professionals for Ukraine (founded by a veterinarian and second-generation Ukrainian, Dr. Antonina Babchuk), is appealing for urgent medical supplies for delivery directly to Ukraine. “We have been collecting physical donations from … Read more

Why do Dogs Lick Their Paws?

Many people have a bad bodily habit or two. Whether it’s biting your nails, picking your nose, popping spots or picking scabs, we’ve all been guilty in the past. So it’s not really a surprise when our closest friends, dogs, have a few naughty habits too. One of the most common is licking their paws. Why do dogs do this? What can we do to stop it? Why is it even a bad habit?

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UK ‘does not deserve’ Afghan vet refugees – Magic Carpet

The UK could miss its opportunity to bring a group of “desperately needed” Afghan vets into the country due to Government inaction. A group of 78 refugees, comprising veterinary staff and their dependents, has been stuck in Islamabad awaiting a response from the British Government after being rescued from Afghanistan in an operation, led by … Read more

Dick White Academy celebrates 94% pass rate in VetSkill L3 VN diploma exams – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

The Dick White Academy is celebrating a 94% first-time pass rate for its students sitting the VetSkill L3 VN diploma exams, way above the national average of 75%. Academy principal Ali Heywood (pictured right) said: “We’re specifically set up to provide one of the best training facilities in the country and these results are absolutely … Read more

Veterinary Pathologist Sues Zoetis for Pay Discrimination

Veterinary Pathologist Sues Zoetis for Pay Discrimination Earlier this week, veterinary pathologist, Dr. Yvonne Schulman, filed a claim involving pay and gender discrimination against Zoetis Reference Laboratories in the US District Court for the District of New Jersey. The anatomic pathologist has reported that she was paid around $ 105,000 less than one male counterpart … Read more

Why have slug pellets been banned in the UK?

If you keep up to speed with the news you may have heard of the metaldehyde slug pellet ban, introduced at the end of March 2022. To gardeners, this might cause some alarm, after all, slugs are troublesome pests that delight in munching our bedding plants and veggies! Here we are going to explore some of the good reasons why this ban has been put in place.

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