COVID fears led practice decisions on EMS placements – SPVS survey

Most practices love providing EMS placements, but 60% cited risk of COVID as the main reason for not offering places during the pandemic, according to new findings.

In a survey of more than 200 of its members, SPVS wanted to define views about the provision of EMS during the pandemic.

When asked what they felt about EMS, 75.8% said they loved helping students and enjoyed providing it, although 20% said they provided EMS primarily out of professional duty. The remaining respondents either did not have the patience or skills to coach, or disliked providing EMS.


The most relevant factors impacting on the provision of EMS during the pandemic included more than 60 per cent declaring fear of introducing COVID to the practice.

Around 45% said they did not have enough time or energy to support the student, slightly less than 40% said they had too much work to do, and around 30% said they did not have enough veterinary staff.

Lack of housing was a factor for just under 20% and 5% cited a lack of interesting work for students to do.


Elsewhere in its report, SPVS said the findings highlighted the importance of collaborative working between students and practices, with a need for setting clear objectives and expectations, and dedicating enough time to placements.

It also highlighted how universities can work with practices to support successful EMS placements.

SPVS has made the report and other resources on EMS available on its website.


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