Desensitisation booklet to offer long-term firework fears support

A desensitisation booklet has been launched to provide pet owners with long-term support and advice for dogs and cats with firework fears.

Adaptil and Feliway, from Ceva, have provided Long-term Help For Pet Firework Fearsa 24-page booklet.

It features information on aspects of desensitization, including the impact of loud noises on pets and the signs to look for; planning ahead, and hints and tips on finding the right recordings; preparing a room for therapy; and appropriate rewards and reactions.

Step-by-step plan

The booklet also has a step-by-step plan on how to implement desensitization by associating noises with a pleasant experience, and teaching the pet that noises are not scary by associating them with something a cat or dog enjoys.

It also encourages use of Adaptil or Feliway products to support therapy and positive association.


Clinical pet behaviorist Charlotte Carr, who is technical behavior manager at Ceva and wrote the booklet, said: “Just like people, pets have fears and anxieties, and the most effective way to support a pet while loud noises are going off is to carry out a desensitisation training program, which should be done well in advance of noisy events such as fireworks.

“Our Long-term Help For Pet Firework Fears booklet offers extensive advice on desensitisation, and provides pet owners with practical information on how to desensitize their dogs or cats to loud noises. ”

To order copies of the booklet, vet professionals can contact their Ceva Animal Health territory manager, email or visit or


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