Do not talk to Storm

No one is talking to Storm. He was awful this morning. I am very cross – no, disappointed, that’s worse – with him.

While Vitamin was eating her daily bucket, he nipped in and shovelled as much as he could. I was putting barrier cream on Tiddles’ nose and Storm took advantage of my absence. I quickly rushed back to Vitamin.

Newt was a gentleman (I’m not going to lie to you, but that makes a change. We’ve had quite the winter with him).

Tiddles was his usual angelic self.

“Yes, you were.”

Such a handsome chap!

And meanwhile… .. Storm. **** sigh ****.

He had been told once and he was not giving in… ..

Storm has no boundaries. The lowest of the low. Annoying for the sake of annoying. He went away with a flea in his ear. Poor Vitamin. She does not need the hassle. No one does. He is a wee turd.

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