First bovine respiratory disease vaccine licensed for newborn calves

MSD Animal Health has announced its BOVILIS INtranasal RSP Live vaccine is now licensed for use in calves from the day of birth onwards for active immunization against bovine respiratory disease (BRD) caused by bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV) and parainfluenza virus type-three ( PI3V).

BOVILIS INTRANASAL RSP Live provides an onset of immunity after administration for BRSV of six days (for calves vaccinated from the day of birth onwards) and five days (for calves vaccinated from the age of one week onwards).


Onset of immunity after administration for PI3V is one week after vaccination. The duration of immunity is 12 weeks for both viruses.

BOVILIS INTRANASAL RSP Live can be used on farm at the same time as other early life interventions associated with newborn calves – for example, colostrum/first milk feeding, navel management, tagging, jacketing and necessary pen movements.


Additionally, BOVILIS INtranasal RSP Live can be used up to six hours after mixing with the solvent, which is the longest of all the available intranasal vaccines for these pathogens.

It is supplied as a nasal suspension product that does not need a specific applicator – although, for maximum flexibility, an easy-clean injector and nozzle kit is available for vaccinating multiple animals.

The vaccine is available in 5×1 dose, 5-dose and 5×5 dose packs.


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