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Purina has published ‘New Perspectives on Pet Obesity, Moving to a Behavioral Science Model’, an e-book that explores new ways of tackling weight management with clients.

The book includes interviews with researchers and thought leaders, including Professor Jeff French, Hugues Ruault du Plessis and Professor Thomas Webb.

There’s a chapter on ways to influence owner behavior, an explanation of the ways in which we make decisions and a description of the COM-B model (Capability, Opportunity, Motivation – Behaviour), which Professor Webb argues can be applied to help manage pets obesity, the advantage being that it: “….recognizes the importance of motivation, but suggests that people also need to be and feel capable of taking action and have the opportunity to do so.”

Also included are clinical research summaries and practical tips to help communication around these issues in practice.

Purina’s Scientific Affairs Manager for the UK and Ireland, Libby Sheridan, said: “Pet obesity is a challenge that veterinary teams face every day, with six in ten dogs and cats overweight or obese, making obesity one of the most common medical conditions in pets worldwide.1,2

“This e-book delivers a thought-provoking new take on pet obesity which I hope will inspire teams in veterinary practices to adopt innovative approaches to support their clients and achieve positive outcomes for their patients.”

The e-book is suitable for all members of the veterinary team who are involved in weight management clinics or have an interest in developing new strategies to better communicate with and support pet owners.

Download book here.


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