Blood gas analysis, pt 2: acid-base disturbances

Acid-base disturbances are common in critical patients. These changes must be identified, as even minor deviations from the normal range can lead to significant abnormal body functions. Acidemia and alkalemia Acidaemia, which occurs when blood pH falls below 7.35, will lead to: impedance of cardiac output reduced cardiac contractility a blunted response to catecholamine manifesting … Read more

Sustainable theme for Joe Brownlie BVA Members’ Day speech

The future sustainability of the veterinary sector will be the focus of the main address at next month’s BVA Members’ Day in Cambridge. Joe Brownlie, emeritus professor of veterinary pathology with the RVC and director of the Southern African Center for Infectious Disease Surveillance, will speak at the event on September 29. During a career … Read more

Birth of endangered red panda cub at UK zoo a ‘symbol of hope’ | Animals

When the protagonist of Pixar’s animated movie Turning Red morphs into a giant red panda, her chaotic transformation is anything but welcome. But at Paradise wildlife park in Hertfordshire the birth of a real-life endangered red panda cub has been celebrated as a “symbol of hope”. The mother, Tilly, gave birth to the cub, named … Read more

New webinars to support veterinary mental health – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Royal Canin and Vets: Stay, Go, Diversify will be holding a month-long free CPD webinar series on mental health in the veterinary profession. The company says the webinars will equip veterinary professionals with strategies to strengthen well-being both individually and for practice teams. Lauren Hayes, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager at Royal Canin, said: “Working … Read more

Pet Eye Health Awareness Week returns in September – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

TVM had announced that its annual Pet Eye Health Awareness Week will take place from 22nd-28th September this year, focusing on brachycephalic pets which are particularly prone to eye problems. To help practices make the most of the week, TVM is providing waiting room displays, client leaflets, social media packs and online information to help … Read more

Why Don’t Vets Use the Phrase ‘Put to Sleep’ Anymore?

If you’ve ever had a very sick or elderly pet, no doubt you will have had the difficult, awkward, emotional and sometimes heated conversation with yourself regarding the end of their life. Maybe it went the way you expected, maybe not. You may have even noticed your pet using certain terms to describe your pet’s death. What are these phrases? Why are some problematic? Do vets not say ‘put to sleep’ anymore?

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Meet One Speed ​​Terri, The Cat Who Moseyed Into One Pub & Stayed Forever

One downtown hangout in Bay County, Florida, is drawing in some extra customers thanks to their newest employee—a handsome tabby cat named One Speed ​​Terri. Not long ago, Terri casually wandered into Mosey’s Downtown, following some patrons as they entered the pub. The friendly cat liked the vibe so much that he decided to join … Read more

Obese Retriever Loses Half His Weight In Inspirational Health Journey

A dog can become overweight for a variety of reasons. It could be that they only have access to poor nutrition, are given too many treats and “people foods,” or have an underlying medical condition. Whatever the reason, obesity can be harmful to a dog’s health just like it can a human’s. In February of … Read more