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A bleak day for all of us today. Non-stop rain while both dogs went to the vet and so everyone was very anxious.

Pepper was due to be spayed while Ted was going to have “a dental” – both under general anesthetic.

When we came home, the house seemed too empty. There was a level of noise that had disappeared and no one was pleased to see us. No mad bouncing.

I decided to finish my day setting up Airdrop on three computers and failed. Monster was everywhere but, honestly, he was no help.

At lunchtime the owner phoned to say Pepper was producing milk so he could not spay her. There was a bit of a panic about the possibility of her being pregnant but it was confirmed that she is most definitely not (phew!) Meanwhile, Ted has his teeth cleaned and polished.

So, I went to collect them both this afternoon and I am living in the doghouse.

Pepper is resentful and furious with me for her horrible day.

Ted is a bit cooler about things. Everyone said he behaved beautifully, which cheered me up.

Pepper starts medication to dry up her milk and then hopefully in two weeks time, she will be spayed and I can be loathed all over again. I seem to remember BeAnne had a similar thing after her first season so maybe it’s a Patterdale-terrier thing.

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