Priority cull report key feature in Johne’s control in autumn

A priority cull report, a tool to improve Johne’s disease management in dairy herds, will be the focus of a series of Johne’s masterclasses for vets.

Developed by the Action Group on Johne’s, the report is included in NMR’s (formerly known as National Milk Records) Johne’s screening service, HerdWise, from October 1.

NMR vet Karen Bond – who will be a key speaker at a series of 10 vet meetings along with vet Peter Orpin and James Hanks, director of PAN Livestock Services – said: “We are highlighting the importance of identifying the right cows to cull among those infected with the Johne’s-causing bacteria Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis – commonly known as MAP.”

Consecutive results

Karen Bond

Dr Bond added: “We classify infected cows with repeated test results above 30 as ‘red’ cows, but the range above this can be extensive, with some cows having much higher test results and a lot further on in the progression of disease than others .

“These cows present more of a risk of transmission and the infection will have a much greater impact on their performance.”

The priority cull report will list cows with two consecutive results above 60 and/or one result above 100.

Highest risk

Dr Bond said: “These cows are ‘losing control’ of the disease and are likely to be shedding large amounts of MAP. They are the highest risk animals in the herd and the ones that should be prioritized for culling.

“We’re highlighting these new reports and the rationale behind them at the vet meetings, and encouraging vets to incorporate them as part of their Johne’s disease management plans on farm.”


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