RVC leads flock with new sheep course

A course for sheep farmers, shepherds and smallholders to help them increase flock productivity and improve health has been launched by the RVC.

The Flockmaster course is designed for commercial and small-scale sheep keepers with the aim of sharing and expanding their knowledge, and improving their practices.

Participants will have the chance to improve their practical skills and knowledge relating to the sheep production cycle, including selecting animals for purchase and breeding, tupping, pregnancy and lambing, lamb survival, growth rates and production.

Relevant skills

James Patrick Crilly, lecturer in small ruminant health and flock management at the RVC, said: “As part of the farm animal team at the RVC, I am delighted we are now offering this course. Through the sheep year, it will provide participants with timely and relevant skills, and knowledge, to improve the health and productivity of their flock.

We have seen firsthand how some of these conditions can inhibit flock health and production, so, by further educating both novice and experienced sheep farmers, shepherds and smallholders, the cumulative effect of even small changes in flock management can effect great improvements in performance. ”

Four practical sessions will take place at the RVC’s Boltons Park Farm sheep flock, starting on 27 July. Vets wanting to recommend it to clients can direct them to the website.


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