sponsored Mirataz helps restore a cat’s appetite and healthy weight while underlying disease is investigated

Take control with Mirataz

Mirataz contains mirtazapine and is the first and only licensed veterinary transdermal ointment for body weight gain in cats experiencing poor appetite and weight loss resulting from chronic medical conditions.

The active ingredient, mirtazapine, addresses reduced appetite and induces significant weight gain in as little as 14 days1. This can allow for a swift response to the initial symptoms, improving condition and well-being before you have a definitive diagnosis, alongside providing support to patients already receiving long-term treatment.

The use of mirtazapine in cats is not a new concept. Human tablets and compounded versions of mirtazapine have been used off-label, with a range of dosing regimens and rates described2.

With Mirataz, there is documented pharmacokinetic data3 and a licensed formulation, providing you with extra confidence.

Innovative formulation within innovative packaging

Mirataz is provided as a transdermal formulation for easier application. It comes within innovative child-resistant packaging allowing you to prescribe Mirataz for owners to use at home.



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