Swimming Lesson | My Shetland

I am not back to normal (what is normal?), but I am feeling much better today. Sadly, OH took to his bed for the morning. He looked and felt like death warmed up. I sympathized.

So, after feeding the horses, the ponies, etc, I took the dogs out for a walk. We went to Leradale because I love it there, especially in autumn. It is very special.

We walked to the loch, which is shallow and perfect for learning to swim in.

Pepper was intrigued.

On my way, I grabbed an old rotten fence post and was throwing bits in to encourage her to go in.

Obviously I had to go in too to try this was the best fun.

Ted was very determined – No Way! Not Never, Not Ever!

Then Pepper became braver and more independent.

She was watching something on the other side of the loch.

She did some experimenting with this new watery stuff.

And her confidence grew.

I have no idea what was on the other side but off the dogs raced and Pepper leapt into the loch off a rock and suddenly found herself swimming! She executed a perfect circle, got to the bank and clambered back onto dry ground and shook herself. I think she was a bit surprised about this impromptu swim but was not put off. I, of course, will not have this moment of posterity on camera as I was busy running after her in case she couldn’t get back onto the shore.

So much encouragement and praise for Pepper to say this was all perfectly normal, and off she raced up the hill where it was drier.

I think Pepper will be another little otter, like BeAnne. This is the perfect loch to swim in. Shallow and warm in summer and very safe.

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