Cancer Drug Flushes Out Latent HIV, Exciting New Study Finds

A widely used cancer drug that works on the immune system could push HIV out of hiding, leaving the virus potentially vulnerable to attack and eradication, according to promising results from a small new study. The introduction of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is almost non-existent: the virus is known for its ability to suppress the … Read more

We May Finally Understand Why Clouds Are Different Between Earth’s Hemispheres

You might think that clouds are clouds all over Earth, but that’s not true. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, the clouds there are different, more abundant, and more reflective than the clouds found in the Northern Hemisphere, a fact that scientists are very familiar with, but haven’t been able to explain fully. Now, new … Read more

Glacier Lakes Make Permanent Ice Disappear Over Twice as Fast, Study Reveals

Glaciers retreat faster worldwide due to climate change but they melt faster when flowing into a lake than when they end on land, with consequences for water supplies, according to a new study Thursday. The Swiss-funded study is the first large-scale detailed analysis of the phenomenon in mountain glaciers and could help predict large water … Read more

A Hidden Pattern in Your Retina May Reveal if You’re at Risk of a Future Heart Attack

Early, accurate and simple diagnosis is important in almost every health condition you can name, and that includes heart disease. New research now suggests that simple eye scans may identify patients at increased risk of cardiovascular problems in later life. If this method of diagnosis can be developed, it would be a great deal – … Read more

Mysterious Effects of Smoking May Surface Even 3 Generations Later, Study Finds

Great-granddaughters of men who smoked cigarettes when they were boys before puberty are more likely to carry excess fat on their bodies as young girls several decades later, according to a shocking study. The find – which scientists claim to be one of the “first human demonstrations of the trans-generational effects of environmental exposure across … Read more

Two Colossal Sphinx Statues Discovered Inside Ancient Egyptian Temple

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered two huge limestone statues of King Amenhotep III that have been designed to look like sphinxes, according to the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. An Egyptian-German archaeological mission discovered the sphinx-like sculptures, originally about 26 feet (8 meters) long when they were created for King Amenhotep III, an 18th-dynasty … Read more

Jaw-Dropping View of The Milky Way Reveals Mysterious Structures Dangling in Space

A new image from the heart of the Milky Way reveals mysterious structures we have never seen before. Taken using a highly sensitive MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa, the images show nearly 1,000 strands of magnetic filaments, measuring up to 150 light years in length, in remarkably neat and regular arrangements. That’s 10 times … Read more

‘Killer Lake’ in Africa Looks Like Paradise, But It’s Hiding a Deadly Secret

Engineers aboard the floating power station on Lake Kivu could only nervously watch as the volcano in the distance erupted violently, sending tremors through the water beneath them. They were not alarmed by the lava shooting of Mount Nyiragongo last May, but by the huge concentrations of potentially explosive gases in Kivu, one of Africa’s … Read more

A Harvard Mathematician Has Basically Solved an Epic, 150-Year-Old Chess Problem

At one level, chess seems like a simple game: 64 individual black or white squares, 16 pieces per side, and two competitors striving for conquest. Dig a little deeper though, and the game offers incredibly complex possibilities, posing challenges for chess theorists and mathematicians that can go unsolved for decades or even centuries. In July … Read more