Abandoned Puppies Battle Raging Storm With Nothing But A Cardboard Box For Shelter

Seven helpless puppies are safe, warm and in the capable care of Harbor Humane Society after surviving a terrible storm. Abandoned with nothing but a cardboard box for shelter, the pups, who are about four weeks old, withstood low temps, pouring rain, and howling winds before being rescued by the police. Responding to a call … Read more

Abandoned Puppy On The Brink Of Death Was Destined To Help Children & Pets In Need

The stray dog ​​and cat population is a growing problem on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali. Rescuers from Little Steps Matter fight every day to rescue innocent animals from the streets and give them a chance at life. In April 2021, they discovered a tiny, neglected puppy in the parking lot of a local … Read more

Man Ripped Newborn Puppies From Their Mom & Abandoned Them On Roadside In Box

On a roadside near Mladenovac, Serbia, at seven in the morning, volunteers from the Dog Rescue Shelter discovered a cardboard box. They approached it and found 7 five-week-old puppies inside. They were desperate, lonely, and looking for their mother because they had been abandoned. Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video – Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia … Read more

Hero Dog Sniffs Out Injured Baby Girl Abandoned In Family’s Shed

A Texas couple and their dog Archie are being hailed as heroes after acting fast to help save the life of an abandoned nine-month-old baby girl. After the injured child mysteriously showed up in their backyard shed in the middle of the night, Archie was quick to alert his owners that something wasn’t right and … Read more

Virginia Animal Rescue Is Gearing Up To Save Abandoned Cats In Ukraine

The Russian assault on Ukraine rages on, and cats in the war-torn country continue to face abandonment, illness, injury, and starvation. But, even in the face of cruelty and violence, brave souls from all over the world have steadily risked their lives to bring these vulnerable felines to safety. Longtime Homeward Trails Animal Rescue volunteer … Read more

Blind Dog Abandoned On A Park Bench Leaves Behind A Legacy That Gives Other Unwanted Pups Love

Scroll to end for update. Have you heard the story of Poly? She is a three-year-old, completely blind pit bull someone left scared and alone on a park bench. It was clear she just had puppies, although none were found. The Santa Barbara County Animal Services took her off the streets but knew she needed … Read more

Dog Abandoned With Second-Degree Burns Finds Hope

WARNING: Photos feature sensitive content. A young dog now called Annie was found as a stray in Massachusetts. She was covered in second-degree burns, so she couldn’t have walked far after sustaining those injuries. She also had a collar and leash but no identification tags or microchip. Thus, it seems likely that someone abandoned her … Read more