‘We have been forgotten’: Magic Carpet vets make new plea for UK Government action

An Afghan vet who was among dozens of people evacuated from the country following the Taliban takeover says he and his compatriots have been “forgotten” by the UK Government. Activists supporting the group that was moved to Pakistan under the high-profile Operation Magic Carpet initiative last year are facing another fund-raising deadline tomorrow (November 15). … Read more

New action plan to mitigate crisis in the veterinary profession – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

The RCVS has published a Workforce Action Plan which sets out ways to mitigate the ongoing workforce crisis in the veterinary profession. The Action Plan presents what the College is doing to tackle the issue and explains how collaboration, culture change, career development and leadership, among other things, could help with workforce shortages by improving … Read more

RCVS unveils Workforce Action Plan

The RCVS has released its new Workforce Action Plan which it hopes will help the sector tackle the problem of its own three Rs – recruitment, retention and return. The 60-page document, published on the college’s website, sets out seven main ambitions for the industry, together with some of the actions that it hopes will … Read more

Business groups block action that could help tackle the biodiversity crisis, report finds Lobbying

Industry groups representing some of the world’s largest companies are “opposed to almost all major biodiversity-relevant policies” and are lobbying to block them, according to a new report. Researchers found that 89% of engagement by leading industry associations in Europe and the US is designed to delay, dilute and block progress on tackling the biodiversity … Read more

Sector demands Government action to bring Magic Carpet evacuees to Britain

The Government is being urged to act now to enable a group of Afghan veterinary professionals evacuated from the war-torn country last year to come to Britain. Current funding support for the group moved to Pakistan under the Operation Magic Carpet campaign is expected to run out tomorrow (October 15). Officials fear they could then … Read more

Rescue center begs for cost of living action to save dogs

The head of a rescue charity has demanded urgent action on the cost of living crisis to help cut the number of dogs being given up by owners. Emma Billington, who runs Dogs 4 Rescue in Greater Manchester, has challenged both the prime minister and Conservative leadership candidates to visit the center she calls “the … Read more

US Equine Veterinary Shortage Prompts Major Action by AAEP

US Equine Veterinary Shortage Prompts Major Action by AAEP Many areas across America are facing a shortage of equine practitioners. Because of this, the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) has set to work on finding more ways to retain and recruit more veterinarians. According to data collected by the AAEP, around 1.3% of new … Read more

Man Finds Heartbreaking Note On Stray And Springs Into Action

Lionel’s day took an unexpected turn when his trip to the grocery store turned into a rescue mission. After saving a stray pup from a busy street, Lionel soon realized that this rescued dog’s reality was genuinely heartbreaking. Lionel Vytialingam was startled by the sound of car horns and chaos coming from the nearby road. … Read more

Loyal Pit Bull ‘Leapt’ Into Action To Save His Human From Venomous Snake

Haley McCormack was heading for the porch of her Davidson County, Tennessee home when suddenly her dog Arlo sprang into action to save her. A poisonous copperhead snake hiding in the corner by the stairs escaped Haley’s attention. Arlo leaped at the snake as it reared back to strike and grabbed it by the tail, … Read more

Female leaders call for action over inequality

A former president of the RCVS has called for more to be done to tackle systemic sexism and stamp out gender inequality within the UK veterinary profession. Speaking at BSAVA Congress, IVC Evidensia chief medical officer Amanda Boag described inequality as the “most important” subject she’d ever spoken about the event and warned that complacency … Read more