Death Row Dog “Freaks Out” When He Realizes He’s Being Adopted Into a New Loving Family

The days spent in a shelter are often overlooked, with the long and sorrowful ones of a pup in mind. These responsibilities are basic, and they cannot compare to love or care. Not to mention the terrible fate that may befall them if they aren’t adopted into a household. This is an issue that occurs … Read more

Dog Found Chained To A Cinder Block & Left To Drown Has Been Adopted!

Park Rangers outside of Kansas City, Missouri made a shocking and heartbreaking discovery at Longview Lake on Friday. A terrified, mud-caked dog – since named Deputy by his rescuers – had been chained to a 12″ x 12″ concrete masonry block and presumably left to drown as the waters rose. He is now recovering at … Read more

Emotional Support Dog Is Adopted By Another Family During Owner’s Medical Emergency

The heartwarming moment of a man being reunited with his beloved best friend and service dog after an unexpected three weeks apart was caught on video by a local news station. Joey Martin and his German Shepherd mix Maximus ventured from Portland to Auburn, Washington, where they were looking forward to exploring Olympic National Park … Read more

Kitten Rescued From Dumpster Fire Adopted By Vet Assistant Who Helped Treat Her

At just four weeks old, kitten Savannah found herself caught in a blazing dumpster fire. But thanks to the work of the Clark County Fire Department and Clark County Animal Protection Services, she was pulled from the flames and rushed into the care of The Las Vegas Animal Foundation and Pet Health Hospital of Las … Read more

Sisters Reunited With Dog Adopted By New Family Despite Being Microchipped

Brianna and Savannah, two sisters from Texas, are overjoyed to finally be reunited with their beloved Maltipoo, Byron. After he mysteriously disappeared from their yard on New Year’s Eve 2020, they were devastated. Not only did they participate in his bottle feedings after their uncle’s dog had puppies, but he was welcomed into their family … Read more

Adorable Shelter Pup Does A Happy Dance When Told She’s Getting Adopted

The Wayne County Humane Society in Wooster, Ohio, has dedicated itself to finding families for homeless shelter pets since 1973. A non-profit, no-kill shelter with impressive adoption rates, Wayne County Humane has been described as a great place with wonderful people . One such wonderful person is Joe Kay, an adoption coordinator, and self-described “dog … Read more

Adopted Dog Was Afraid Of Everything And One Night With His Brother Changed All

Hedgie had a difficult start in life. His first owners chained him up outside as a puppy and never showed him love. When he was eventually adopted and brought home by his new family, the little guy was terrified of everyone and everything. He just cowered behind the table. Image / Story Source Credit: Instagram … Read more