“Murder Mittens” Subreddit Celebrates The Adorable Ferocity Of Cat Paws

Oh, darling kitties, how we love you and your murder mittens, most terrifying and adorable! And we know you, feline fancier, love your sweet cat peets too. So, to honor the cuteness and power of the cat paw and the claws that come with it, we bring you the subreddit Murder Mittens. With Reddit having … Read more

Adorable Texas Pup Asks Facebook Users For Help Finding Long Lost Siblings

In October 2015, a little puppy named Frito was adopted from Texas Humane Heroes, a rescue. He was there with his six siblings: Domino, Snow, Raven, Cali, Buddy and Aspen. All of the puppies were adopted into loving forever homes, each separately, so they have been separated since. Frito is in desperate need of playdates, … Read more

Ahoy Matey! This Adorable Kitten With A “Pirate Sneer” Will Plunder Your Heart

Pirates are all about their riches, but for one swashbuckling kitty, treasure means finding love and security. And that’s just what pirate cat Uno found at the Playschool for Wayward Kittens, a foster home for adorable kittens needing a comfy spot to get ready for forever. Before Uno made his way to the Playschool, Uno … Read more

A Great Dane And His Adorable Pouting Face Is Melting The Hearts Of Millions

Can you imagine meeting a giant dog who has no idea just how huge they are and thinks they’re a lap dog? Well, that’s exactly how Kernel the Great Dane lives his life. This big, sweet boy is 175 pounds of pure love, and his adorable pouting face is melting the hearts of millions across … Read more

Actor Dwayne Johnson Surprises Family With An Adorable Rescue Puppy

Actor and philanthropist Dwayne Johnson played an instrumental part in fulfilling one Los Angeles family’s dreams this week. At the opening of his latest movie, Johnson donned a fun costume to fulfill a family’s greatest wish. The Hernandez children had begged their parents for years to allow them to have a dog. But with a … Read more

Chickens are silly, clumsy birds – but they’re adorable Pets

Emma Beddington’s piece about a fox taking her hens (28 July) reminded me of my own sadness at the loss of our own small flocks over the years. Chickens are silly, clumsy, adorable birds that follow you around the garden, scrabbling in the freshly turned earth, searching for worms. We have only one chicken now, … Read more

3 Adorable Cats Travel The World On Their Human’s Shoulders

It’s hard not to fall in love with Sponge Cake, Mocha, and Donut. And no, they’re not part of a dessert buffet. They’re a trio of adorable cats! These sweet felines are famous for their adventures, which include their walks around their hometown of New York City and their vacations to different countries. Most of … Read more

Stray review – press paws for adorable life as a post-apocalypse pussycat | Games

The have walked around decaying cyberpunk cities such as these many times before, with their omnipresent neon signage and filthy streets, their grimy verticality. Usually I am expected to shoot someone. But this time, I’m slinking around the fluorescent-lit slums of the future as a skinny wee ginger cat, scaling rusty pipes, squeezing through barely-open … Read more