Woman Found Puppy Abandoned In Airport Bathroom And Reads Owner’s Note About Boyfriend’s Abuse

When Chewy’s mother could no longer tolerate her ex-boyfriend abusing Chewy, she made the devastating decision of leaving him in an airport restroom with a note pinned to his collar. Image / Story Source Credit: Inside Edition via YouTube Video Chewy is a 3-month-old Miniature Chihuahua, whose mom was at the Las Vegas’ McCarran International … Read more

Marine Awaits 3-Dogs He Rescued In Iraq, But The Dogs Looked ‘Dazed’ At The Airport

There is nothing that we love more than reunions with dogs. Especially soldiers who protect us and our country! And this is a story that will absolutely warm your heart, enjoy. Please watch all the way until the end and be sure to pass it onto a friend or family member! During his time in … Read more

Wooden Box Sat At Airport For Week, They Pry It Open And Unveil Something ‘Wicked’

An airport pickup box with numerous unfinished holes came without proper labeling. The workplace employees ignored the box and carried on with their tasks. Because it did not have the correct tags, it would be stowed among other items in the same condition. The container was roughly 16 inches tall and only said that it … Read more

Airport Staff Discover Sneaky Chihuahua Stowaway Hiding In Owner’s Luggage

A Texas couple was shocked to discover their beloved pup hiding in their luggage as they checked in for a flight to Vegas. After their bag was flagged for being six pounds overweight, a quick check of the luggage revealed an unexpected face. Kristi and Jared Owens arrived at the Lubbock Airport to set off … Read more