Florida man bit by alligator after mistaking reptile for ‘dog with a long leash’ | Florida

A Florida man who mistook an alligator for a dog on a leash is expected to make a full recovery after being badly beaten by the 7ft-long reptile. Authorities in the state said the encounter began in the early hours of the morning after a man near a motel in North Port spotted what he … Read more

‘Lost’ alligator found in west Texas desert in ‘rare sighting’ | Texas

Finding alligators in swampy states like Florida and Louisiana is no big deal, but it’s much different when you’re talking about the west Texas desert. And that’s exactly where one of the large reptiles turned up last week, when Midland county sheriff’s office secret spotted a gator at a trailer park. The law enforcement agency … Read more

Coast Guardsman Dives Into A Louisiana River To Save His Dog From An Alligator

St. Mary Parish, Louisiana, is home to the largest reptile in North America: the American Alligator. Females can grow to around nine feet long, and males can reach 13 feet in length and weigh almost 1,000 pounds. Imagine a 60-pound dog going up against one of those. You probably would not expect it to end … Read more

74-Year-Old Jumps On Top Of Alligator To Save Golden Retriever

Suzan Marciano, 74, did not have time to think when she saw an alligator approaching her Golden Retriever mix. They had walked at that Florida park hundreds of times with no issues, but this day was different. As the alligator grabbed the dog named Nalu, Marciano jumped forward to push the alligator away from the … Read more

Gator aid: Florida couple call for help after can-do alligator drinks Diet Cokes | Florida

A gregarious Florida alligator seemingly could not wait for a family’s birthday party to begin, so it slipped into a garage where supplies were being stored and chugged down a slab of Diet Coke. The uninvited guest surprised Naples homeowners Karyn and Jamie Dobson when they opened the connecting door from their house after hearing … Read more

Hero Dog Saves Feathered Friends From An Alligator Attack

Beauty, the black Labrador Retriever, is slowly recovering after saving her ducky siblings from an alligator attack. Since they were tiny ducklings, Beauty has looked after Crest, Downy, and Dot and treated them with love and care. She was even once thought to be “missing” when the ducks wandered off and got stuck in a … Read more