Big appetite for frogs’ legs among French and Belgians driving species to extinction | Endangered species

A voracious appetite for frogs’ legs among the French and Belgians is driving amphibian species in Indonesia, Turkey and Albania to the brink of extinction, according to a new report. Europe imports up to 200 million mostly wild frogs every year, and contributes to a serious depletion of native species abroad in the process. Scientists … Read more

Vet among four arrested and charged for animal health and welfare offences

Four people, including a veterinary surgeon, have been arrested and charged by police for a total of 19 offenses under the Animal Health and Welfare Act. Registered vet Enrico Saccone, 49, Scott Bennett, 41, Lynne Brockett, 37, and Nicola Hammill, 37, were arrested and charged. All are due to appear in Hamilton Sheriff Court on … Read more