Country diary: A chomping otter transforms into a beautiful creature | Animals

Two joggers were running on the opposite bank of the Usk, their loose dogs flushing rabbits that skittered down through willow scrub to the water’s edge. The river ran straight, deep and smooth here, yet to be ruffled by the broad meander 300 meters downstream that would fillet the current over a boulder-strewn bed of … Read more

Migrating turtles do not really know where they’re going, study shows | Animals

How migrating animals like sea turtles navigate hundreds to thousands of kilometers across the open ocean has intrigued biologists since Charles Darwin. But some sea turtles might not really know where they’re going, new research suggests. Analysis by an international team of scientists has mapped the movements of hawksbill turtles as they swam from their … Read more

Millions of tonnes of dead animals: the growing scandal of fish waste | Fishing

Then February 2022, a Dutch-owned fishing trawler released a silvery stream of 100,000 dead fish, which carpeted several thousand square meters of ocean off the coast of France. The vessel’s owners blamed the discharge on a faulty net. Environmental groups alleged that the fish were intentionally dumped. Whatever the truth, that spectacle of squandered sea … Read more

American Vet Continues Saving Animals After Returning From Ukraine

After the COVID-19 lockdown, veterinarian Dr. Krista Magnifico promised herself that she’d no longer be afraid to do things she’s passionate about. Of course, one thing she always feels compelled to do is save animals. So, when she heard about animals struggling during the Ukraine invasion, she followed through with her promise. Magnifico spent two … Read more

Duck finds missing remains in North Carolina murder investigation | Animals

A pet duck has helped authorities in the murder investigation of a missing woman in North Carolina. In 2020, Nellie Sullivan, in her early 90s, disappeared without a trace, prompting authorities to launch an investigation without avail. However, on April 14, a pet duck ran under a trailer in Candler, North Carolina. Its owners then … Read more

Ukrainian Woman Risks Her Life To Protect Over 700 Animals, Including A Lion!

Many people abandoned animals while fleeing Ukraine, but some heroes stayed behind to support the pets in need. Asya Serpinska, 77, walked towards the Russian conflict instead of running away. She was willing to put herself in danger because her animal shelter in Hostomel, a town above Kyiv, needed her. Serpinska had about 600 dogs … Read more

Country diary: The muntjac deer decides I am not a threat | Animals

So loudly unobtrusive, their lives confined from dawn to dusk to a copse that I could walk through in three minutes, the closest deer were always the least visible. How many of the passersby who sidestepped the mocha-colored pellets on the adjoining path linked those scatterings to the hoarse barks coming from the bushes? I … Read more

‘One-eyed Joe’: cat that went missing for five years found on Scottish oil rig | Animals

A cat that was missing for five years has been reunited with its owner after being found on an offshore oil rig. Workers at the oil rig contacted the Scottish SPCA on Thursday after they found the animal in a shipping container originally from Peterhead. On Friday, staff from the Scottish animal welfare charity collected … Read more

Why trophy hunters in Tajikistan are unlikely saviors of the snow leopard | Animals

There are few mammals that capture our imagination more than the rare and elusive snow leopard. Listed as vulnerable on the red list of threatened species, fewer than 7,000 Panthera uncia are thought to remain across the high mountains of Asia. Of these, an estimated 5% live in Tajikistan’s Pamir mountains, the third-highest ecosystem in … Read more

When ewe were young: what can cute baby animals teach us about ageing? | Photography

They say not to work with babies or animals, but the photographer Gerrard Gethings chose to combine the two for his latest project, a series of portraits of young animals alongside their adult counterparts. Baby Animal Match was conceived as a memory card game, in which players are asked to pair duckling with duck, owlet … Read more