Volunteer Group Cooks Thanksgiving Feast For 16 Shelter Animals & 30 Feral Cats

Everyone loves a good meal on Thanksgiving, and the dogs and cats at a rescue shelter in Springfield, GA, are no exception. In fact, these furry darlings may appreciate that meal more than we will ever know. Because when you’re searching for your forever home or living in the wild, such fine meals from kind-hearted … Read more

Animals bred in captivity develop physical changes that may hinder survival in the wild, research finds Australia news

Animals bred in captivity experience significant physical and behavioral changes that may disadvantage their survival chances once released into the wild, a wide-ranging research review has found. Analysis from the Australian National University shows “captive environments drastically alter selection pressures on animals”, with documented differences in many species. The ANU’s Dr Dejan Stojanovic, a study … Read more

New Progressive Veterinary Association vows to ‘put animals first’

A new campaigning organization that says it wants to speed up improvements to animal protection within the veterinary industry is due to be launched next week. Officials heading the Progressive Veterinary Association (PVA) claim their group will put animals first and challenge human activities that threaten either their welfare or conservation. They say they also … Read more

MSD launches ID microchip which also reads the animal’s temperature – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

MSD Animal Health has launched HomeAgain Thermochip, a new identification microchip which incorporates a temperature biosensor which measures the cat or dog’s subcutaneous temperature. MSD says the new chip is compliant with ISO standards, has proven temperature accuracy1 and as yet is the only microchip on the market that combines identification and temperature monitoring. The … Read more

Charity seeks home for kitten that is neither male nor female Animals

A homeless kitten has stunned vets at an animal charity, being the first cat they have seen that is neither male nor female. Hope, a 15-week-old tabby and white cat, was originally thought to be female when it was admitted to the Cats Protection rescue center in Warrington, but vets found no external sex organs. … Read more

Selfless Vet Turns Home Into Shelter To Save Stray Animals From Being Killed

Tunisia, Africa, is one of many countries with a stray animal problem. Not enough people are spaying and neutering their pets, leading to many homeless cats and dogs. Unfortunately, Tunisia has taken an inhumane approach to the issue by killing dogs and cats as a way to control the population. Many animal lovers are fighting … Read more

MP urges ‘pragmatic’ fireworks law change to protect animals

MP and own Neil Hudson has called for a “sensible and pragmatic” change to the law on fireworks to provide greater protection to both animals and vulnerable people. The BVA and several animal charities were among the organizations that attended a parliamentary event, ahead of this weekend’s Guy Fawkes Night celebrations, to seek support for … Read more

Giant rabbits ‘bred for meat’ looking for new homes after Northumberland rescue | Animals

Dozens of giant rabbits – one of which weighs as much as a jack russell terrier – are looking for new homes after being “bred for their meat” on an allotment. The RSPCA rescued 42 Flemish giant rabbits in Ashington, Northumberland, which were found living in “dreadful conditions in cramped hutches, where they had been … Read more

The labyrinthine patterns traced by birds on the wing – in pictures | Art and design

On a hike one day, photographer Xavier Bou, who is based in Barcelona, ​​wondered if the flight paths of birds could be captured on paper. Through research he realized they could – and represented in a single image. Since then he’s recorded the labyrinthine patterns created by birds on the wing, a project published next … Read more

Researchers reveal secret of aye-ayes’ long middle finger | Animals

With its big eyes, bushy tail and sensitive ears, the aye-aye may appear a cute, if quirky, creature. But now researchers have discovered it has a less endearing trait: it uses its long middle finger to pick its nose – and eat the mucus. Aye-ayes are – like humans – primates, but they are nocturnal, … Read more