Winter fears prompt RSPCA appeal for new foster carers

The RSPCA has launched an urgent appeal for new pet foster carers amid fears the current animal welfare crisis will only get worse through the winter. The charity said it is already paying out around £26,000 a week for private boarders to look after hundreds of rescued animals that it cannot accommodate. Rehoming rates are … Read more

More than 1 in 10 dog owners ‘pushed into debt’ to care for pets, poll reveals

More than 1 in 10 UK dog owners have gone into debt to pay for their pet’s care, a new poll has suggested. The YouGov survey, carried out for Dogs Trust, found similar numbers were also delaying non-routine veterinary treatment or missed appointments for regular procedures. The charity’s boss said his organization is more stretched … Read more

Free webinar to cover equine anthelmintic best practice

Vets, VNs, and SQPs are invited to attend a free CPD webinar to discuss the latest advice on best practice use of anthelmintics and responsible use of moxidectin in horses. The webinar, organized by Zoetis, is being held at 11am on Wednesday 26 October and will be repeated at 7:30pm. It is hosted by Zoetis … Read more

Free webinar for vet nurses on use of anthelmintics in horses – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Zoetis is holding a free webinar for vet nurses, vets and RAMAs to discuss the latest advice on best practice use of anthelmintics and the responsible use of moxidectin in horses, on Wednesday 26th October. The webinar will take place at 11am and will be repeated at 7.30pm for those who are unable to listen … Read more

‘Proactive strategies’ call as 1.2m UK cats don’t have pets

A new report has estimated that up to 1.2 million cats in the UK are not registered with a veterinary practice and millions more may have undiagnosed health problems. The Cats and Their Stats Report 2022, released by Cats Protection, also indicated much greater reluctance to visit a vet among owners already worried about other … Read more

Frontline adds warmer product to portfolio

The company behind the Frontline brand of flea and tick products has added an over-the-counter wormer to the portfolio. Boehringer Ingelheim said Frontline Wormer is a tasty worming tablet that provides an easy way for owners to worm their cats and dogs, and protects pets against all types of intestinal worms – roundworms and tapeworms … Read more

Stand out from the crowd – getting recruitment right

The days of leafing through piles of CVs for a single vacancy appear dim and distant, and many bemoan spending thousands to advertise to what feels like an empty pool once swimming with applicants. Clearly, excellent jobs, teams and opportunities are out there; however, the way in which we hunt them down has changed. This … Read more

Vet groups unite for project to tackle AMR

Some of the largest vet groups in the UK have joined forces with BEVA on a new project to share information on worming in a bid to tackle anthelmintic resistance. In an attempt to find a solution to the growing problem of resistance to equine worming products, VetPartners, CVS Group and IVC Evidensia are collaborating … Read more

Feline intestinal parasites

The unique lifestyle of cats means we must consider their requirements for worming treatments differently to that of dogs. For example, some cats live entirely indoors and therefore have a low risk of exposure to roundworms (Toxocara catifor example) and tapeworm (such as Taenia taeniaeformis). It is also important to consider the zoonotic risk of … Read more

Vet-led workshop aims to improve farmers’ lamb performance

A training course led by vets has been launched to help farmers improve post-weaning lamb performance. Wales’ Farming Connect Animal Health and Welfare has added the additional module to its fully funded training workshops, making it the 16th such webinar to be rolled out. All content has been developed in conjunction with the National Animal … Read more