How can I tell when my cat’s pain isn’t controlled anymore?

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Just like we can, cats can experience pain and this can quickly become a welfare concern if not properly controlled. Particularly in cases of cats affected by long-term conditions, levels of pain can constantly vary, and pain relief may need to be altered over time. It is important, as an owner, to be able to recognize when your cat is as happy and comfortable as they should be.

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Why Don’t Vets Use the Phrase ‘Put to Sleep’ Anymore?

If you’ve ever had a very sick or elderly pet, no doubt you will have had the difficult, awkward, emotional and sometimes heated conversation with yourself regarding the end of their life. Maybe it went the way you expected, maybe not. You may have even noticed your pet using certain terms to describe your pet’s death. What are these phrases? Why are some problematic? Do vets not say ‘put to sleep’ anymore?

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Family Abandons Pit Bull At Kill Shelter Because She’s “Not A Cute Puppy Anymore”

Unfortunately, not every family treats their dogs with respect. A sweet Pit Bull named Ellie thought she had a loving home. She came to her first family as a puppy, when she was adorable and irresistible to say the least. But as soon as she turned a year old, her loved ones turned their backs … Read more

Family Brings Dog To Be Euthanized Because They “Don’t Want To Care For Her Anymore”

Old Dogs Home is a large, rural home with 11 acres on which resides 35-year-old Melissa in Conyers, Georgia. When she started a rescue called Old Dog Home to help her fulfill her dream of rescuing old dogs in need of some TLC, she could never have imagined how much the organization would grow. “For … Read more