Lost and found: noisy, tame and very active, Argentina delights in giant otter’s return | Endangered species

“This really is a big animal,” says Sebastián Di Martino, conservation director of Rewilding Argentina, emphasizing the “giant” in giant otter (Pteronura brasiliensis). “It can be 1.7 meters long … the biggest otter in the world.” Until its recent rediscovery, the giant otter was feared extinct in the country as a result of habitat loss … Read more

Green light for return of red-footed tortoises to Argentina | Argentina

Thet may be one of the slowest-moving conservation projects in history, not just because of the red tape, but due to the animals themselves: 40 red-footed tortoises are being released into El Impenetrable national park in Argentina in the coming weeks after being rescued from the illegal pet trade in Paraguay and transported to Argentina. … Read more