Army Dog Comes Running Into The Arms Of The Soldier He Hasn’t Seen In 3 Years

Army Specialist Vance McFarland learned that his former Tactical Explosive Detection Dog, Ikar, had been abandoned. It’d been three years since they had last seen each other, and a reunion was underway thanks to Mission Canine Rescue and the US War Dogs Association for stepping in to get these dogs back with their rightful humans. … Read more

‘Interspecies innovation arms race’: cockatoos and humans at war over wheelie bin raids | Sydney

Cockatoos and humans are locked in what Australian researchers have described as “an interspecies innovation arms race”. Sydney residents are resorting to increasingly sophisticated measures to prevent sulphur-crested cockatoos from opening and raiding household wheelie bins, detailed in new research published in the journal Current Biology. Sulphur-crested cockatoos learn to open wheelie bins in Sydney … Read more

Dog Left For Dead Leaps Into The Arms Of The Man Who Saved Him

You would be hard-pressed to catch anyone leaving Super Bowl LI early. Last February’s football matchup was an eyes-glued-to-the-TV kind of game: The New England Patriots were making an unprecedented last-minute comeback. And Mike Diesel was as big a fan as anyone. “It was the fourth quarter,” he tells iHeartDogs. “And Brady had just made … Read more

Boy Was Saving Up To Buy Puppy, Grandma Asks Him To Close His Eyes & Stretch His Arms

6-year-old Xander Mellor from Springfield, Illinois, had been saving up for the past 18 months to buy a puppy. When Natalie Ellenburg came home from work, he would politely ask her for the change she had on her and deposit it in his savings jar. Image/Story Source Credit: Caters Clips via YouTube Video Xander had … Read more