‘Like a scene out of Jaws’: British boy attacked by sharks in Bahamas | Bahamas

An eight-year-old British boy has been attacked by sharks while on holiday in the Bahamas. Finley Downer was surrounded by three nurse sharks while swimming in a lagoon last week, his family said, before he was pulled to safety after suffering bites on both legs. Finley was then taken to a clinic in the capital, … Read more

If I’m attacked by a dog, who is liable?

Being attacked by a dog can be a scary experience. If you have been through this experience then you are not alone. It’s estimated that just under one in fifty people in the UK are bitten by a dog each year. Thankfully, only about a third of dog bites require medical attention, and less than one percent need hospital treatment.

However, being bitten can still be a traumatic experience, whether the bite is medically serious or not. If this has happened to you, it can make it difficult to know what to do afterwards.

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Couple kill bear who attacked them at home after it charged through window | Wisconsin

A Wisconsin couple say they killed a bear who attacked them inside their home after they spotted it eating from their bird feeder. The Taylor county sheriff’s office said the attack happened at about 11pm Friday at a home near Medford in north-central Wisconsin. The couple told authorities that the bear charged through a window … Read more

Landlord Attacked After Exposing Horrific Puppy Mill In Tenant’s Apartment

WARNING: Content may be sensitive to some readers. For nine months, Dr. Kennisha Gilbert contacted authorities about a case of animal neglect in her upstairs tenant’s apartment. But even with video evidence, no one came to help the landlord and OB-GYN physician. The situation only got worse as time went on. She reported excessive barking, … Read more

Man Thought He Was Going To Save A Puppy But He Got ‘Ambushed And Attacked’

On the outskirts of a city, a tiny puppy was abandoned. The pup was despondent from waiting in the empty woods and so the traveler informed a local dog shelter for assistance. Milan, a rescuer from “Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac,” went to save the solitary puppy not knowing what he would face. Milan traveled over … Read more