Brazilians told to stop attacks on monkeys over monkeypox | Monkeypox

The World Health Organization has stressed that monkeypox outbreaks are not linked to monkeys, following a number of reported attacks on primates in Brazil. “What people need to know is that the transmission we are seeing is happening between humans,” a WHO spokesperson, Margaret Harris, told reporters in Geneva on Tuesday. She said the primates … Read more

Nepal’s tiger numbers recover but attacks on people cause alarm | Endangered species

Nepal’s tiger population has nearly tripled in 12 years, the country’s prime minister has announced. But concerns about the human cost of the big cat’s recovery are growing after a rise in fatal attacks. From a low of 121 in 2010, the Nepalese population of Bengal tigers has risen to 355, according to the latest … Read more

Monkey put down but hunt still on after attacks in Japanese city | Japan

Hunters on the trail of a group of monkeys that have attacked and wounded nearly 50 people in western Japan have caught and killed one of them. Officials in Yamaguchi city have been trying for weeks to track down the group, who have made national headlines by assaulting residents, leaving mostly mild scratches and bites. … Read more

Monkey attacks injure 42 people in Japanese city | Japan

Local authorities in a Japanese city are to use tranquilizer guns to confront marauding monkeys that have injured 42 people in recent weeks. Japanese macaques are common across large parts of the country and are a pest in some areas, eating crops and sometimes entering homes. But a spate of monkey attacks in Yamaguchi in … Read more

Two women killed in shark attacks in Egypt’s Red Sea Egypt

Two women have been killed in shark attacks in Egypt’s Red Sea, south of the city of Hurghada, the Egyptian environment ministry has said. Two sources told Reuters that the body of a Romanian tourist in her late forties was discovered hours after an attack that left a 68-year-old Austrian woman dead. Both attacks happened … Read more

Wild Leopard Attacks Tiny Puppy On Security Cam, Mom Comes To The Rescue

In an incredible video of a fearless rescue, a female momma dog defended her pups from a Leopard on the India estate. The leopard was after the mother’s helpless puppy. That same leopard did not realize that this mama dog was not going to let her pup go without a fight. Image / Story Source … Read more

Rome residents impose curfew after spate of wild boar attacks | Italy

Residents in several neighborhoods in northern Rome have imposed a nightly “curfew” after a spate of attacks by wild boar, which for years have roamed the Italian capital. In the most recent encounter, a woman said a boar “was on top of my head” after she was pushed to the ground during an attack on … Read more