Paw and order: Lucy the labrador provides support as Australia’s first full-time court dog | Australia news

When Lucy enters a court-room at the federal circuit and family court in Melbourne, she bows to the judge – as is customary. Only Lucy is no ordinary court attendant. She is a five-year-old chocolate labrador deployed as a “court facility dog” as part of a pilot program to provide support for people in court. … Read more

Australia’s dog groomer shortage: ‘So many people got dogs. That’s put a lot of pressure on us Dogs

Lisa Perkovic is the first to admit her dog is high maintenance. “Her name is Sheba, like the Queen of Sheba. And when it comes to grooming, she definitely lives up to that name,” Perkovic says. Sheba, an eight-year-old cavoodle, goes to the groomers for a haircut every four to six weeks. Up until 2019, … Read more

‘Our little $7,000 dog’: inside Australia’s oodle boom | Dogs

“Look at them, they’re like a box of assorted chocolates,” my friend Rachel sometimes says when we’re out walking. Her Iggy, bouncy and swarthy as a fine dark chocolate. Fran’s tubby, tiny Frankie, fair as a white chocolate truffle. My mocha-toned Lola, prancing and skittish. We gush a bit. “Look at them,” we say, “so … Read more

Is Australia’s growing love of Halloween endangering our wildlife? | Wildlife

Concerns that popular Halloween decorations could endanger Australian birds, insects and animals have caused angst on social media platforms. A post online that has been shared in local community forums across Australia has warned that fake spiderwebs are deadly for birds, butterflies and bees. Please don’t use this stuff to decorate! Fake spiderweb decorations kill … Read more

Controlling Australia’s feral pests means using 1080 baits – or wildlife will suffer Andrew Cox

We may not like it, but killing feral animals is an action we need to take if we truly care for Australia’s environment and wildlife. As an island nation with a trove of unique wildlife that evolved in isolation, Australia is highly susceptible to invasive species. They are the leading threat to our native animals, … Read more

Tiny solar backpacks could help save the plains wanderer – one of Australia’s most endangered birds Birds

A joint plan to save an endangered bird species from extinction is benefitting from an experimental tool – tiny solar-powered backpacks. Plains wanderers are small, fawn-colored, ground-dwelling birds with speckled throats that live in the semi-arid grasslands of north-western Victoria and the New South Wales Riverina. The birds were once found across eastern Australia, but … Read more

Endangered whale species off Australia’s south coast is calving less often, study shows Whales

An endangered whale species found off Australia’s southern coast is calving less often, a decades-long research project has revealed. The southern right whale usually calves every three years but a Curtin University-led study has found the majority of whales are having an offspring every four to five years. “Increased calving intervals has been linked to … Read more

Australia’s rabbit invasion traced back to a single importation of 24 animals in 1859, study finds | Invasive species

The Australia-wide rabbit invasion resulted from a single introduction of just 24 animals in 1859, new research has confirmed. Using historical and genetic data, scientists have pinpointed the origins of what they call “the fastest colonization rate for an introduced mammal ever recorded”. New research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, … Read more

Scientists picking over ice age bones discover vultures once soared in Australia’s skies | Extinct wildlife

Australia’s first vulture species has been identified after the reclassification of a century-old fossil specimen. The extinct vulture lived during the middle and late Pleistocene period – commonly known as the ice age – between 50,000 and 770,000 years ago, researchers estimate. The bird was previously classified as an eagle but new analysis has shown … Read more

Foot and mouth disease could devastate Australia’s economy. Here’s what can be done Agriculture

Kirsten was screaming and emotional when she was arrested for breach of the peace, assault of two police officers and possessing an offensive weapon. She wasn’t a drug-addled miscreant. She was a 22-year-old railway worker who had come home to find her pet goat, Misty, slain outside the family cottage by government vets. This was … Read more