Drama Queen Pit Bull ‘Faints’ In Slow Motion To Avoid Getting Nails Clipped

Grooming appointments with your pet may be a delightful experience or somewhat of a living nightmare. Some pets welcome having their coats washed, combed, and cleaned up, while others do everything they can to avoid these events. Image / Story Source Credit: RM Videos via YouTube In this video, a pit bull is shown to … Read more

Temporary OV registration continues to avoid ‘cliff edge’

Temporary registration of non-UK qualified European vets to provide meat hygiene controls in England and Wales will continue for a further year, RCVS council decided today (9 June). At its meeting of full council, members voted overwhelmingly to a Food Standards Agency (FSA) request to continue the scheme and avoid a “cliff edge” situation that … Read more

Monkeypox patients advised to avoid contact with pets for three weeks | Infectious diseases

People with monkeypox have been told to avoid contact with their pets for three weeks amid concerns the animals could become infected and pass the virus on to other people. Monkeypox is caused by a viral infection and can be found in animals including rodents and monkeys, as well as in humans. It is typically … Read more

Couple Who Left Injured Dog In Dumpster To Die Avoid Felony Charges

Scott Miller, a construction worker, just happened to pass by a dumpster near his worksite in Westminster, California on the morning of July 27, 2021. Fortuitously, he peeked into the dumpster before garbage collection, thereby saving the life of the Yorkshire Terrier inside . When Miller found him, the dog was sitting on top of … Read more