New Baby Let Out Sad Scream, Confused Dog Drew Closer In & Mom Gulped

There is nothing more delightful than the bond between a dog and a child. This bond can be established early on, but most new parents are frightened when their baby first arrives home. When it’s their first kid, many parents worry that their dog, who is clearly the family’s first baby, will get jealous or … Read more

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ Pups Welcome New Baby To Their Pack

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his fiancee Brittany Matthews welcomed a baby girl in February 2021. Now 6 months old, little Sterling made a surprise appearance on Matthews’ Instagram story this week. Alongside their new sibling in these photos were the two family dogs, Steel and Silver. In a caption on the pics, … Read more

Three-legged dog with cancer saves baby otter in Minnesota river drama | Minnesota

A rescue of a drowning baby otter from a near-freezing river in Minnesota was remarkable not only for the successful outcome but for the identity of the rescuer – a tiny three-legged dog waging its own battle for survival with cancer. Wildlife officials said the otter would probably not have survived without the intervention of … Read more

Three-Legged Dog Fighting Cancer Rescues Baby Otter From River

Gus the Goldendoodle recently had his leg amputated after being diagnosed with cancer. Without his back leg, he can still run and play like he used to, but many everyday things have been an adjustment. His family wasn’t sure if he’d be able to swim again, but Gus didn’t want to wait to find out. … Read more

Dog Cries As She Heard ‘Newborn’ Baby Crying For The First Time And Knew ‘What To Do’

For those who have brought home a newborn or child into their home with an existing 4-legged fur-baby, this story is so sweet. Meet Bella, the Boxer who met Malina, her new best friend. This is their story! Bella the Boxer dog has always been a favorite of her family. When Bella’s mother was expecting … Read more

When ewe were young: what can cute baby animals teach us about ageing? | Photography

They say not to work with babies or animals, but the photographer Gerrard Gethings chose to combine the two for his latest project, a series of portraits of young animals alongside their adult counterparts. Baby Animal Match was conceived as a memory card game, in which players are asked to pair duckling with duck, owlet … Read more

Should I feed a wild baby bird?

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the trees are growing and all the signs are there that spring is here, which only means one thing – baby bird season has begun! Unlike pigeons who breed all year round, our native garden birds typically breed in the warmer spring and summer months, with fledged chicks having the benefit of summer and autumn to grow and enjoy before the harsh winter months return. Sadly, every year nests get destroyed, adult birds die and orphan baby birds are found with no-one to care for them.

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Parents Thought Dog Was ‘Caring’ For Baby But See Baby’s Foot In Dog’s Mouth

Evo, the Alaskan Malamute, enjoys playing “babysitter” to his four-month-old human brother, Adam. He’s always been quite vigilant with regard to his little brother, and he looks forward to spending time watching and amusing him. Image / Story Source Credit: YouTube Video – Rumble Viral During naptime, in the video below, we see Evo keeping … Read more

Baby Shoves Her Finger In Pit Bull’s Mouth And Dog ‘Launches’ Himself At Her Face

If you love Pit Bulls like we do, then you’re going to LOVE this story! Maverick the Pit Bull fell in love with baby Mia the first time he set eyes on her. The sweet-natured boy volunteered to be the baby’s nanny dog ​​and keep a vigilant eye on her at all times. Image / … Read more

Frustrated Parents Scold Dog For Breaking Into Nursery … Until They Check The Baby

Henry the 8-year-old Boston Terrier is “not a fan of children,” but that does not stop him from watching over his human siblings. Recently, the dog’s vigilance paid off when he alerted his parents to a terrifying medical emergency with their 9-month-old daughter. The baby had been sick, but Kelly Andrew and her husband had … Read more