Calls to ban gamebird release to avoid ‘catastrophic’ avian flu outbreak | Bird flu

Conservationists have called for ministers to ban the release of millions of gamebirds to prevent the UK’s wild birds being wiped out by a “catastrophic” avian flu epidemic this winter. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) said there was a significant risk that pheasants, partridges and ducks released for shooting from October … Read more

Extreme breeding of ‘cute’ English bulldogs risks UK ban, say vets | Dogs

English bulldogs must be bred with less extreme features to improve their health and to prevent breeding from being banned in the UK on welfare grounds, veterinarians have said. A study by the Royal Veterinary College found that distinctive features of English bulldogs such as their flat faces, protruding lower jaws and folds of skin … Read more

Rodeo is cruel and abusive – it’s time for New Zealand to ban it | Philip McKibbin

When you think of New Zealand, you probably do not think of cowboys. Despite the number of cows that are farmed here, cowboy culture is distinctly out of place in Aotearoa. Nonetheless, a small population of self-styled “rodeo cowboys” regularly get together to participate in violent events such as bull riding, horse bucking and calf … Read more

Unscrupulous ivory traders can evade new UK ban, charity says | Animal welfare

Ivory peddlers may continue to sell elephant tusks after a new ban by disguising their products as walrus or narwhal derivatives, campaigners have warned. From Monday, trade in elephant teeth and tusks is illegal in the UK, punishable by fines of up to £ 250,000 or up to five years in prison under the Ivory … Read more

‘It’s neocolonialism’: campaign to ban UK imports of hunting trophies condemned | Global development

Britain’s international environment minister, Zac Goldsmith, and celebrity anti-trophy campaigners like Ricky Gervais have been accused of neocolonialism by African community leaders, who warn they are ignoring the voices of people who live alongside elephants, lions and other wildlife. The UK government is expected to bring forward a ban on the import of hunting trophies … Read more

Dog Lovers Petition To Ban Katie Price From Owning Dogs When New Puppy Appears

Media personality and model Katie Price has welcomed another puppy into her family. While most celebrity dogs are celebrated on their adoption day, Price’s fans reacted in the opposite way. Her new puppy is a tiny black Chihuahua named Captain, and fans suspect that he was purchased from an inhumane breeder. Yet, Captain’s condition isn’t … Read more

Ivory ban loophole means elephant body parts can still be traded in UK | Wildlife

Elephant skins, feet, ears and tails will continue to be traded in the UK even after next month’s ivory ban comes into force, it has been revealed. The government has been praised for its Ivory Act 2018, which comes into force on June 6, making the purchase and sale of elephant tusks punishable by fines … Read more

Iceland urged to ban ‘blood farms’ that extract hormone from pregnant horses | Environment

Iceland is under pressure to ban the production of a hormone extracted from pregnant horses, a practice that has been described as “cruel” and “animal abuse”. The hormone is used by farmers across the UK and Europe to increase reproduction in pigs, cows and other female farm animals. Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin (PMSG) is extracted … Read more

Greens and animal welfare groups push for Labor to give timeline for live export ban | Live exports

The Greens and animal welfare groups have called on Labor to commit to a timeline for phasing out live sheep exports, after the opposition said it still intended to ban the trade. Labor told the Alliance for Animals that it will recommit to its policy of phasing out the live sheep export trade, which it … Read more