Firefighters Celebrate The Life Of Their Station Dog With Beautiful Ceremony

Firefighters in Iquique, Chile are grieving the loss of their beloved station dog, Negro. After serving at the fire station for over a decade, the first responders held a special ceremony to celebrate his beautiful life. Negro spent the last decade offering emotional support to the hardworking firefighters of Iquique city. His role involved standing … Read more

‘It looks beautiful’: UK gardeners on leaving lawns uncut for No Mow May | Gardens

The conservation charity Plantlife again urged people not to mow their gardens in May to help wild plants and pollinators thrive. As the month draws to a close, we asked some of this year No Mow May participants what new plants and wildlife they have seen in their gardens. ‘It’s nice to know we cater … Read more

Man Grieves Over Late Dog By Writing A Beautiful Story From Benny’s Perspective

Warning: grab the tissues. When musician John Pointer wrote and shared an essay about the day his beloved Boxer Benny passed away – from Benny’s point of view – he did it to process his own grief. But little did he know that the story would be circulated world-wide, being translated into multiple languages. When … Read more

Country diary: A chomping otter transforms into a beautiful creature | Animals

Two joggers were running on the opposite bank of the Usk, their loose dogs flushing rabbits that skittered down through willow scrub to the water’s edge. The river ran straight, deep and smooth here, yet to be ruffled by the broad meander 300 meters downstream that would fillet the current over a boulder-strewn bed of … Read more

Extinction obituary: why experts weep for the quiet and beautiful Hawaiian po’ouli | Hawaii

The last po’ouli died in an unusual nest. Too weak to perch, the brownish-gray songbird rested in a small towel twisted into a ring. He was the last of his species, the last in fact of an entire group of finches, and occurred nowhere on Earth outside its native Hawaii. For weeks, as scientists tried … Read more

Stolen Service Dog And Heartbroken Human Share Beautiful Reunion

Aaron Morris and his service dog Jolene are inseparable. Morris struggles with his mental health, so his loving Pit Bull is always there to comfort him. Without Jolene, Morris feels lost and heartbroken. One day, his worst nightmare came to life. Someone stole his car, which had his phone, medications, and Jolene inside it! All … Read more

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Give Terminally Ill Dog a Beautiful Goodbye

Saying goodbye is never easy. Under any circumstance. Once a couple, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux recently had to lay their beloved white shepherd Dolly to rest. Together. She passed away at home surrounded by her entire family. The former couple came together for her passing and the burial service that followed. Image Justin Theroux … Read more