After 11 Years In A Puppy Mill, Rescued Senior Dog Finally Rests In A Bed

When greed and selfish motives overcome love and compassion, the result is almost always tragic. Puppy mills are one such tragic result of this corruption of mankind. bag are horrible places where dogs are forced to breed over and over again. Many of these poor dogs are kept in wire cages for their entire lives, … Read more

Gone to Bed | My Shetland

I did something to my back this morning when trying to rugby-tackle ‘Bert for his second injection. For a tame sheep, ‘Bert wasn’t very helpful. So now I have screaming sciatica down my left leg and I’ve given up and gone to bed early to feel sorry for myself. ‘Bert limped off as well looking … Read more

My Dog Won’t Sleep Without Scratching Her Bed First, Is That Normal?

While you’re brushing your teeth and fluffing the pillows before bed, your dog has her own bedtime routine. If you’ve ever caught her scratching and pawing at her bed before circling her spot and laying down, your first thought is probably, “Aww, how cute!” But when it happens every time your pup goes to sleep, … Read more