Vets4Pets launches national campaign to champion industry heroes

Practice group Vets4Pets has launched a national campaign to celebrate and thank all veterinary teams caring for the nation’s pets. In launching the campaign, the group said it wants to champion everyone working across the professions to showcase their passion, dedication and commitment. Vets4Pets said the campaign followed its Project Listen report, which raised the … Read more

CAM launches new website

Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) has announced the launch of a new website featuring a range of downloads and digital tools. CAM was founded by first opinion practitioner Hannah Capon in 2016 as a Facebook page, where Ms Capon shared advice about identifying signs of chronic pain to help with the early identification of arthritis, as … Read more

Heat stress: reducing impact without large investments

Heat stress used to be considered a disease of the tropics. However, it has become far more prevalent and for longer periods within the UK dairy population. Many herds – in particular those housed over the summer – will have experienced some level of heat stress and associated losses in the past few years, and … Read more

My resilience – my story

In February 2015, I was thrilled to see a piece of my writing published in VN Times. I actually still have the copy in my bedside drawer. As a qualified nursing assistant, I remember feeling such frustration reading column after column of print solely geared towards registered veterinary nurses, like other members of the team … Read more

Ocular protection and helping blind pets adapt to life

For many people, the news their pet is going, or has gone, blind can be devastating, especially when the condition is incurable. No matter the cause, the main concern for the owner and diagnosing vet is likely to be maintaining or maximizing the patient’s quality of life. Blinding conditions Generalized progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) is … Read more

Desensitisation booklet to offer long-term firework fears support

A desensitisation booklet has been launched to provide pet owners with long-term support and advice for dogs and cats with firework fears. Adaptil and Feliway, from Ceva, have provided Long-term Help For Pet Firework Fearsa 24-page booklet. It features information on aspects of desensitization, including the impact of loud noises on pets and the signs … Read more

Hill’s and Vet-AI in preventive health collaboration

From left: Vet-AI chief operating officer Matt Elcock, Vet-AI co-founder Paul Hallett, Vet-AI co-founder Sarah Warren, director of professional and veterinary affairs at Hill’s Pet Nutrition Hein Meyer, Vet-AI co-founder Robert Dawson, and vice president and general manager at Hill’s Pet Nutrition Alain Semeneri. A three-way collaboration has been agreed to develop future artificial intelligence … Read more

Weird Behavior!

I am not sure what is going on but everyone is behaving very oddly. The horses are very strange (bucking and spooking about nothing) and the sheep are at war. Harrel and Maggie are picking on poor, poor Edna to the point that yesterday I separated them all, leaving Edna and ‘Bert in the small … Read more

Supporting four-month-old neutering of client-owned cats

Cat-Kind (formerly the Cat Population Control Group) has relaunched its website ( The website provides a one-stop shop for a whole host of resources that guides veterinary professionals through practical tools, guidance, peer-reviewed evidence and informative videos around four-month neutering of owned cats. Four months – the norm for neutering of owned cats Neutering is … Read more